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Support CETA to boost trade

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Patrick Verhoeven

The EU-Canada Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) should facilitate and boost trade between Canada and the EU, eliminating many trade barriers and offering access to new markets. Shipping takes care of around 80 percent of global trade. It hence stands to benefit from easier and more trade between the EU and Canada. But also vice-versa: a flourishing shipping industry is a very important facilitator of international trade. The EU and Canadian economies will only be able to seize many of the opportunities of CETA if this is coupled by efficient maritime transport services.

CETA will ensure open markets for international maritime transport services and is one of the first agreements to conditionally open some feeder services, transportation of empty containers and dredging services.

Patrick Verhoeven, Secretary General of ECSA comments: “We are pleased CETA will bring legal certainty and a clear legal framework, especially given today’s context of rising protectionism. While shipping can be considered as more liberalised than many other sectors, this is in very few cases backed by international legal binding agreements. The consequence is that it is very easy to revert and to close markets.”

The European Parliament will vote on CETA tomorrow at its plenary meeting in Strasbourg.

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