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Antipollution’s S.A. successful project, the Panagia Tinou

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The “Panagia Tniou”

Antipollution SA, leading Greek company in the management of ship-generated solid waste, after an open competition conducted by Piraeus Port Authority is undertaking the refloating and removal of the “Panagia Tinou” wreck from the port of Piraeus. The 1972-built ferry capsized while at berth in April 2016.

The company has successfully completed, in full accordance with the strict contractual schedule, the refloating of the vessel which was the first phase of the project, applying its experience in issues of environmental sensitivity and in combating marine pollution.

Currently the second phase of the project is in progress and soon will be completed, upon issuance of the trans-frontier shipping licence by the competent authorities, as per the requirements of the  Basel Convention.

Viewers can log in the link herebelow and see a more than interesting video from Antipollution’s S.A. successful project: https://vimeo.com/205573235 or log straight in herebelow;

Panagia Tinou 4K Timelapse from Antipollution SA on Vimeo.

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