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IUMI launches new information portal

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Dieter Berg

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) has successfully launched a new interactive information portal – www.iumi.com – which is not only a fitting shop window for IUMI but also a serious tool for those with an interest in marine insurance.

The new portal contains IUMI’s extensive and highly valued bi-annual statistics which are available to download. It also has an integrated searchable archive of the complete set of presentations given at the IUMI annual conference from 2010 onwards; as well as presentations and recordings from IUMI’s previous education webinars on topics such as cargo liquefaction, the Hanjin Shipping insolvency, challenges with insuring perishables, plus much more.

Position papers on topical issues such as fires on ro-ro passenger vehicle decks, and IUMI’s Political Forum current issues also feature as well as an extensive education database. Some areas are protected for IUMI members, professional partners and affiliates but password access can be made available to others, if required.

The portal embraces the new IUMI corporate identity which has undergone a total overhaul and rebrand incorporating an updated logo, a modern colour palette and a completely refreshed “IUMI Eye” newsletter.

Commenting on the new information portal, IUMI President Dieter Berg said:

In line with our drive to enhance our education and communications activities our fresh new information portal supports our mission to be the influential and trusted voice of global marine insurance. This is an exciting next step for IUMI and we are delighted with the results.”

Berg continued:

“IUMI members are some of the most influential professionals within the marine insurance market and our new interactive portal allows for more information and knowledge sharing. Our business has changed over the past few years and as we gear up to the annual conference in Tokyo in September we will see further changes that will require adaptation from underwriters. Now is the time to come together and discuss the key issues to ensure we continue to provide our clients with high quality underwriting services.”

The common theme for the conference this year is: “Disruptive times – opportunity or threat for marine insurers?”and encompasses the current difficult market conditions and unsettled political environment through which marine insurers must navigate. The annual conference will take place in the beautiful city of Tokyo on 17-20 September 2017, for further information please visit www.iumi2017.com.


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