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Interferry launches call for conference papers

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Mike Corrigan

New Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan has announced the official Call for Papers for the trade association’s 42nd annual conference to be held in Split, Croatia, from 7-11 October 2017

“With a beautiful location, a superb speakers program, interesting spouse/partner tours and fun pre- and post-tour events, we expect this year’s conference to attract a record number of delegates and sponsors,” he predicted in a request for applications to be sent to him via mike.corrigan@interferry.com by a deadline of April 23.  

The primary conference theme will be customer service from both an IT and physical delivery perspective. Specific topics will include:

– social media management and strategies for success

– trends in customer facing IT systems including ticketing/reservation systems, e-commerce and websites

– understanding changing demographics

– what’s new in food & beverage and merchandising

– what does digitalization and big data mean for the ferry industry?

A strong secondary theme will be new technology and innovation related to the construction and retrofit of ships and terminals, with topics including:

– renewable energies

– opportunities for more efficient ship and terminal operations

– innovations in ship/terminal design

– advances in propulsion and engine systems

– bridge and engine room technological advancements

– digitalization and big data

With safety as a core purpose of the association, Interferry has also confirmed speakers for a segment of the conference addressing what it is doing to promote and advance ferry safety across the world; what’s new within the EU from the executive director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA); and why safety is good for business and vice versa from a global safety expert.

In addition, the Speakers Selection Committee is very close to locking down two world-class keynote speakers – one to frame discussion on what the rapidly changing IT world means to all facets of the ferry industry; and the other to provide an overview of the ever-changing renewable energy landscape, which will help set the stage for two robust round table discussions on new technology and innovation.

The selection committee is now encouraging everyone with an interest in speaking on one of the identified topics to formally submit a proposal, noting that their participation is critical to the conference’s success.  Individuals who have previously contacted Interferry staff expressing a desire to speak at this year’s conference are likewise requested to submit a formal application through the specified process. 

Submissions to Mike Corrigan by April 23 should include a biography, a brief overview of the proposed presentation and, ideally, links to videos of previous presentations.   The selection committee will review all submissions and respond no later than May 26.  Those selected will be required to submit a draft paper by June 18

Applicants are asked to keep in mind that this year’s conference format will include more round table discussions and audience participation than previous events, and that overt or direct selling of a specific product or service during presentations are strongly discouraged.  

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