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Kallichoron Sunday Brunch

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The Kallichoron team

Last Sunday found us in Piraeus, attending the brunch hosted by Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel introducing us to local tastes and handmade delicacies of the beautiful island of Astypalea. The event took place at a fully functional event venue with modern aesthetics “Proorismos Papastratos” in Piraeus, a breath away from the ferry terminal. We had the opportunity to taste the unique “Grandma’s Breakfast” and felt transported to Astypalea, receiving the acclaimed “Kallichoron experience”.

Maria Mavroudi introducing the event

Three years ago, a group of friends set up Kallichoron with vision to create an authentic hotel with character and class. A hotel that would combine the essence of Greek hospitality with premium guest services, comfort and elegance.

All the hard work put in since its inception seems to be paying off because Kallichoron places amongst the top holiday accommodation in Astypalea.

…this is what we call a full house

“Kallichoron reflects our roots, the beautiful memories we have from our childhood. And we want our guests to feel this authenticity while staying with us.” says Maria Mavroudi, Hotel Manager of Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel.

An interesting fact about Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel is that it’s the only hotel in Greece to have received the Marketing Excellence Award for its breakfast service as a means to promote sustainability in Tourism. The awards keep coming in as recently it was awarded a Bronze for the “Personalized and tailor-made experiences” category at the Tourism Awards 2017.

The recent success

The philosophy of “Greek Breakfast” was adopted in collaboration with the dietician-nutritionist Mary Micheli (MSc), to offer customers a breakfast list with a variety of traditional delicacies from the island’s culinary culture. While you can always make your own breakfast choices from the menu the variety of traditional delicacies and the assorted breakfast choices is the best introduction to the Astypalean cuisine.

An integral part of the Management’s philosophy is the green entrepreneurship, social responsibility and contribution to the local community. Kallichoron is proud to be the only Green Key eco-labelled hotel in Astypalea for promoting eco-awareness, also supporting the non-profit organization “Clean Hands”. Kallichoron has also introduced the “Room-to-Give” initiative to support local community projects for children and cultural activities where possible.

The always present and supportive shipping team from WISTA-Hellas

Being true to its classification and for a second year in a row, Kallichoron hosts the beautiful artwork of the renowned Greek artist Eva Divari throughout the hotel and the apartments.

Overall, Kallichoron’s Sunday brunch was a great way to spend a morning that managed to make us travel in spirit to Astypalea. Well done to all the team for this amazing result!

NB.All pictures by Katerina Nomikou.


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