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French Navy’s AUVERGNE FREMM powered by GE LM2500+G4 Gas Turbine-Based Propulsion System

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The French Navy’s frigate “Auvergne”

Power-Dense GE LM2500+G4 Marine Gas Turbine Propulsion System Onboard French Navy’s Auvergne FREMM Frigate

EVENDALE, OHIO (May 2, 2017) – GE’s Marine Solutions reports that the FREMM multi-mission frigate Auvergne was delivered to the French Navy on April 11 in Toulon, France. All of the French Navy’s new Aquitaine-class FREMMs feature the same power dense GE LM2500+G4 gas turbine in a COmbined Diesel eLectric Or Gas turbine (CODLOG) propulsion system.

According to a DCNS press release, Auvergne is the sixth ship to be delivered out of a 10-ship FREMM program (four ships have now been delivered to the French Navy, and one each for the Egyptian and Moroccan navies). For the four remaining French ships, DCNS is currently completing the FREMM Bretagne, which was floated in September 2016, and is pursuing assembly of frigate Normandie. DCNS has started on the Alsace, which will be one of the two FREMMs with strengthened anti-aircraft capacities; deliveries are scheduled before 2022.

GE’s LM2500 gas turbine family includes the base LM2500 model (25 megawatts), LM2500+ (30 megawatts) and LM2500+G4 (35 megawatts) – a suite of engines to meet any mission profile*. These engines can be applied in a variety of propulsion configurations so naval architects have design flexibility.

* average performance, ISO (60 HZ, 59oF, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses

The GE LM2500+G4 engine

GE Store

GE LM2500+G4 marine gas turbines also will soon power the Italian Navy’s new Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA) multipurpose offshore patrol ships. GE’s contract includes an order for seven LM2500+G4 gas turbines. The ship’s flexible and unique hybrid propulsion plant will feature small gearbox mounted-motors for low speed operations, two propulsion diesels for mid-speed service and the LM2500+G4 gas turbine to reach 32+ knots. GE also will be responsible for the electrical system integration of the hybrid system.

The PPA project is an example of the GE Store: the LM2500+G4 gas turbines will be built in Evendale, Ohio; Avio Aero will manufacture the LM2500+G4 turbine control system at its facility in Brindisi, Italy; and GE Power Conversion will manufacture the drives.

GE’s marine gas turbine business is part of GE Aviation and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. GE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine propulsion products, systems and solutions including aeroderivative gas turbines ranging from 6,000 to 70,275 shaft horsepower/4.5 to 52 megawatts. These gas turbines reliably operate the world over in some of the most arduous conditions in temperatures ranging from -40 to 120oF/-40 to 48oC. For more information, visit ge.com/marine.

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