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Gavridis Glass brings its design expertise to shipping

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Samples of designs for a Ro/Ro ferry’s saloon

For the first time, Gavridis Glass has participated in the Spring Katoikia Fair at the Olympic Fencing Centre for in Ellinikon by the sea in Athens. The 2017 fair took place from March 11-19.

The event is one of the biggest and most important trade fairs for furniture in Greece. Between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors attended the exhibition, according to figures released by the organisers. The exhibitors themselves – about 520, defined the success of the exhibition, being the most reputable companies within the industry.

Another example of refined glass for special purposes  multi wash-basins

The visitors had the opportunity to meet the Gavridis Glass team at stand 114, and see the company’s new product lines as an introduction, if one were needed, within the furniture industry.

The high quality creations and designs follow new trends combining functionality and safety.

Gavridis Glass has specialised in the construction, design and trading of glass for 35 years. Thanks to its fundamental quality of transparency, glass is endowed with widespread practical, technological, and decorative usage –  and its flexibility at high temperatures is a great asset. It combines easily with other materials. No wonder that many interior designers prefer glass in architectural projects both for exterior and interior decoration. The company’s long expertise in glass construction and design enables it to respond to the sophisticated demands of its clients.

Elegance, style, tradition reflected on a glass table…

In the past couple of years, Gavridis Glass has extended its entry into the shipping industry, taking account of the fact that Greece is the top maritime nation controlling more than 20% of the world’s fleet.  The Greek ferry-ro/ro fleet is one of the biggest of its type, serving not only the hundreds of  Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas but also many routes in the Mediterranean. One of the company’s latest works was on Hellenic Seaways  Ro/ro ferry “Nissos Samos”.

Gavridis constructs safety glass (tempered or laminated) according to certain specifications which can be applied on ship bridges and yachts. Moreover, it undertakes the interior and exterior design of cruiseships and yachts.

The company customises all its projects to meet clients’ requirements, and all structures are produced in accordance with international safety rules and standards.

To learn more about the Gavridis approach to glass products of all kinds, call in to Gavridis Glass at its headquarters in Nikaia, 12 Grevenon Street, Piraeus, or visit www.gavridisglass.com.

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