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Oslo Børs: Nordnet launches new exchange traded products initiative

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03/05/2017 – Nordnet is listing its first exchange traded products on Oslo Børs in an initiative comprising both ETNs and Mini Futures. Mini futures are an entirely new product on Oslo Børs.

Nordnet is today launching ETNs and mini futures that can be traded without paying brokerage fees. “Thanks to Nordnet Markets, exchange traded products will reach even more investors. We have seen investors become increasingly interested in trading exchange traded products in recent years. Investors can now choose from a wider range of such products on Oslo Børs, and we think this will create even more interest”, comments Jesper von Zweigbergk, Head of Derivatives and ETPs at Oslo Børs.

There has never been a broader range of exchange traded products available on Oslo Børs. There are currently 298 ETNs listed on Oslo Børs, and Nordnet’s initiative means the choice of exchange traded products will grow quickly.

Nordnet is planning to roll out new products on an ongoing basis with other indices, shares and commodities as their underlying assets. The products are being issued by Nordea.

“With Nordnet Markets, trading exchange traded products will be easier, cheaper and more profitable. We are putting our name on the products and are offering them to our customers without brokerage fees”, comments Anders Skar, Country Manager at Nordnet Norway.

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