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Wärtsilä: Guaranteed asset performance revolutionises offshore services

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A semi-submersible oil rig

Offshore marine players are optimising their bottom line strategies and breaking away from prevalent operating models. Their eyes have turned to maintenance, which has traditionally been conducted according to a calendar based, defensive approach. Wärtsilä Services has responded by bringing to the offshore market a lifecycle-oriented service approach with ground-breaking guaranteed asset performance and dynamic maintenance planning.  

In offshore operations, any interruptions to operations during a charter quickly become extremely expensive. Maximised reliability and uptime have a direct effect on the number of days an operator can earn revenue. This is even more critical today, as the current oil market situation has pushed the offshore marine supply chain close to a break-even point. Rig managers, offshore service vessel contractors and subsea vessel owners are operating at 60 to 70% discounts compared to prices in 2013.

Calendar-based maintenance has been the norm in the offshore market. Today, with increasing competition, growing financial pressure and increasingly stringent regulation, the traditional method combined with a large spare part inventory is not enough to secure a competitive edge. Offshore operators are seeking new, innovative approaches. Wärtsilä Services has responded to the challenge by bringing a new lifecycle-oriented approach to the table. Due to dynamic maintenance planning and the optimisation of maintenance intervals, the availability and reliability of installations can be guaranteed and operating costs may be reduced.

Improved earning power, better return on assets

A key ingredient in Wärtsilä’s lifecycle-oriented approach is guaranteed asset performance – a ground-breaking solution that provides guaranteed operational reliability. In practice, this means that performance targets are determined based on measured data, and Wärtsilä can guarantee that these targets are reached and maintained. Measurable indicators can include, for example, availability, reliability and fuel consumption.

“Offshore players are used to having contracts with performance guarantees, but they are not used to their suppliers like Wärtsilä providing such guarantees. Based on client feedback, it is fair to say that guaranteed asset performance is truly revolutionary,” says Fraser Scott, Global Sales Development Director, Wärtsilä Services.

Every additional day that equipment is available for production means increased earnings potential. Semi-submersible drill rigs and FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessels are good examples of this. Better management of the equipment improves safety and risk management while reducing fuel and lubrication costs.

“The key for drill rigs, for example, is zero interruptions: when they are on a drilling charter, they should not stop for anything. These charters are usually around six weeks to two months. Therefore 100% uptime is critical and fitting maintenance interventions between drilling contracts is of high value,” Scott continues.

When uptime is business critical, it is imperative that any disruption is immediately dealt with. Often just the time it takes to deploy engineers from shore side to the vessel can cost operators significant amounts of money. Wärtsilä’s approach to remote online support means that expert fault finding and corrective actions can be carried out with no delay. Using this method, personnel onboard can have real-time access to subject matter experts within moments and get equipment back online fast, thus reducing costly delays.

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