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39th Anniversary of Panama Gremial Movement of Lawyers

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Hernan Delgado delivering his speech

Celebration of 39th Anniversary of the Foundation Panama Gremial Movement of Lawyers (MAG) with a great audience, including Panama Supreme Court Judge, Harry Diaz, President of Panama Bar Association and Presidents of Professional Associations in Panama including Maritime Law Association, Ana Irene Delgado took place last night at the Auditorium Dr. Harmodio Arias Madrid of the Bar Association.

Public acknowledgment to the public figures Dr. Cesar Quintero and Mirtha Vanegas de Pazmino.

The speaker was Hernan Delgado, former Deputy Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, Former President of the National Bar Association, one of the founders of the MAG, founder of the creation of trade union organizations, Panama College of Journalists, FEDAP, UIBA, promoter of the FIA ​​and many other professional organizations in Panama.

l to r: Irma Arauz (MAG President), Marta Lopez, Maritza Cedeno, Hernan Delgado, Marilyn Palma, and Guillermina MacDonalds

A defender of democratic values ​​and principles of Panama.

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