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C-MAP launches Integrated Maritime Suite

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C-MAP launches Integrated Maritime Suite to re-define voyage optimization for the smart shipping era

Drawing on 30 years of experience in routing, optimization, navigation and fleet management, IMS employs a cutting edge algorithm for unparalleled decision support

C-MAP®, a leading supplier of digital navigation products to the maritime market, has launched the Integrated Maritime Suite, a powerful onboard application platform that employs machine learning and customised ship performance models to deliver unmatched voyage optimization.

By employing a new, state-of-the-art algorithm, IMS operates with minimal user input to generate optimized routes that meet commercial objectives while also minimising fuel consumption and maintaining safety.

IMS combines intuitive one-click weather routing and voyage planning with official navigation charts and publications, and seamlessly integrates with C-MAP’s shoreside fleet management tools.

Combining advanced predictive analytics with sophisticated hydrodynamic ship models and high resolution 15-day weather forecasts, IMS can recommend speed and heading changes to manage ship performance and avoid heavy weather. This approach allows us to accurately predict the ship’s motion, engine and propeller characteristics ensuring that we can identify the most efficient route across the ocean.

“Over the past 30 years, C-MAP’s navigation, weather and route optimization products have been a favourite of ship masters around the world who depend on advanced and proven tools,” said Commercial Sales Leader, Joel Meltzner. “IMS brings shipping a step closer towards the future of navigation, employing breakthrough technology to empower the bridge team.”C-MAP designed IMS to take advantage of multiple data feeds, combining these in a smart system that can react to changing conditions.

More accurate ETA predictions are possible using automated delivery of C-MAP’s proprietary met-ocean forecasts. IMS can automatically update and re-optimize passage plans as new forecasts become available or operational requirements change during a passage.

“Vessel operators face significant challenges in terms of voyage profitability and are increasingly drawing data from multiple sources for smarter planning and execution,” adds Joel Meltzner. “Efficient ship management requires fully integrated systems to create an unparalleled level of visibility and transparency for your fleet. Our solution fully integrates onboard route optimization with shoreside fleet management portals to provide predictive analytics based upon ship-specific performance data. This enables a completely new level of fleet performance management.”

Routes created on the vessel or by the C-MAP shoreside routing team can be viewed within IMS and the fleet management web portal and can also be exported seamlessly into the vessel’s ECDIS in over 30 compatible formats.

To ensure navigators are fully empowered, 24x7x365 shoreside support is available from a team consisting entirely of experienced ship masters, meaning that fast, knowledgeable, and competent support is just an email or phone call away.

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