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The BDI@818: Mild losses but losses. Warring global concerns and election enigmas in the UK…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was down three points earlier on today standing at 818 points; contained losses due to the 13 plus points of the Capers – could it be   “..13 for luck” per Agatha Christie’s famous book… Wonder!

The BCI 2014 at 1,336 – the 13 plus points mentioned above “… makes waves” but still, even if tomorrow the market reverses for a continues improvement, we doubt it if it can go over and above the 2,200 points it enjoyed at the Christmas period of 2013!

The Panamaxes lost six points, and the BPI now reads 783…

The Supras’ BSI down eight at 658 and

The Handies with a further drop at 434 – minus seven, concludes today’s dry picture…

We maintain our view that CAUTION is the only remedy to avoid further losses.

The Wets were both down; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 733 0- minus nine and 548 – minus six respectively; the Gulf syndrome or what…

The WTI at US$ 47,55 is a good sign given the world’s worst ever recession ante portas; good for the poor masses – we have mentioned this many times before! One must not see the figures of wealth only!  A financially well-off middle class on a worldwide basis is the only guarantee and remedy for the continuation of proper capitalism!

The Geopolitical front gets worse:

The Migrants still on top, the number one issue.

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continues and new developments can already be seen there; conflicting interests too. CAUTION as we might see a major conflagration with whatever this entails and others, until now very quite, might step in… Many ask: why it takes so long to eliminate ISIS ?

Turkey continues its most provocative and dangerous blackmail – even openly; obviously its links with the Qataris are “understandable” – you dead well know what I mean…  Now see how president Erdogan plays his most dangerous game; the US president Donald trumps does his best to eliminate terrorism and any nation-follower, president Erdogan will go lengths on to support in his own way the other side.. Wonder who and why backs him… Meantime he continues a despicable wave of arrests…

The Qatari saga has a long way to go; the shipping industry immediately responded! Now you know which sector on Planet Ocean does the ethical bit! President Trump is pleased with the beginning of the Qatari sanctions so to speak…

Greece is sending silently yet another May Day… let’s see what happens next… Will a GREXIT do the trick as some favour?

BREXIT and the enigmatic turning elections in the United Kingdom keeps the ball rolling. Will Mrs. May make it unscathed and maintain an overwhelming majority? A hung parliament? And who’s in the continental side who dynamitises the elections and wishes even for a Labour Government… Can Mr. Corbyn rule? Can, as we say in shipping, deliver the command so to speak? Can he tackle security issues?

Coming now to the most serious of events following the latest despicable Islamists terrorist atrocities at London Bridge and at the adjacent Borough Market over the weekend, wonder if info was appropriately shared and on time delivered as we are all “ confused” from what we read and hear in the news… Good to see the announcement of the third Terrorist’s name. Enough is enough!

Notre-Dame de Paris was also targeted by yet another culprit before he was shot dead; enough is enough!

In South America now and Brazil is on “alert” awaiting fraud cases of yet another politician president… A possible fall for president Michel Temer…

That’s all for now and tomorrow it is another day when we will revert with more news.

On another tone, today marks the 35th HELMEPA Anniversary; a great evening at the Yacht Club of Greece! God bless the late George P. Livanos who founded Helmepa in 1982 proving the importance of keeping the Seas Clean from the human factor due to lack of respect for the  environment is more than paramount!

Have a nice evening and be on guard form any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists where ever you are!

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