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John Faraclas – picture credits Panagiotis Tsakos Photography –

Uncertain volatility coupled with new tactics and mode of fixing ships knock-off the markets. Uncertainty in Geops (Geopolitics) will create chaos in trading. John Faraclas midweek report:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost five points since yesterday and proves our position that the markets luck steam…

The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost 80 points and now stand at 1,362 points…

The Panamaxes’ BPI gained 38 points standing now at 903 and saved the day…

The Supras with a good plus 14 points now stand at 679 points…

The Handies gained three and the BHSI now reads 427 points.

As said yesterday, still a very low market and far apart that of the end of December 2013 when is stood just above 2,200 points; so make up your calculations and see where you really stand!

The Wets with minimal loses; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 699 – minus one and 529 – minus four points respectively!

The WTI stood just below the US$ 46 mark at US$ 45.97 to be precise. Good for the poor!!!!

The Geopolitical situation, the Geops, is getting far worse than the knowledgeable experts believed. CAUTION.

MIGRANTS – far worse than you read, the Wars in Syria and Iraq are an enigma as to who, what, how and when things can become contained and peaceful.

Turkey – getting into more mess and soon one might hear gunfire; Pestering Greece and violating its airspace (35 intrusions today with four dog fighting)…

Greece – including its devastating earthquakes at the south part of Lesvos island, continues to be in more mess…

France and the United Kingdom still as per yesterday’s report; expect mess at the end of the day! Tomorrow is a very crucial day!!!

Grenfell Tower still burning at 18:15BST – picture credits Anny Zade

Unfortunately in West London there has been a devastating fire since 01:00 am and until now continues with 12 dead – the number might rise, 68 in hospital – 18 in critical state and still many unaccountable. Grenfell Tower’s inferno has to be thoroughly investigated and the government must take here and now measures to protect similar buildings ALL OVER the United Kingdom and make them safe; end of the story. Those responsible MUST be named and shamed. We are awaiting for the cause of this fire and we will revert soonest.

At the other side of the Atlantic more shootings, this time a gunman opened fire against Congressmen in Alexandria Virginia; eventually he was shot dead by the police authorities. Meantime US Senators voted overwhelmingly for imposing more sanctions against Russia…

We all await the outcome of president Trump versus James Comey; CAUTION!

In Africa and in particular in Mogadishu, Somalia, Militant Islamists from the Al-Shahab terrorists attacked with a suicide bomber a restaurant killing at least!

Libyan Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is being wanted by the ICC in The Hague for alleged crimes against humanity.

Simon Kverndal at the podium delivering his speech; to his left, the chairman and panellists

On another tone , earlier on  tonight at magnificent surroundings of Quadrant Chambers in London’s Fleet Street, a more than interesting event took place, part of the London Shipping Law Centre’s forums: an Update on Arbitration – focusing on Funding Issues and Apparent Bias – Can Maritime Arbitration be Different? Chaired by the Hon. Mr. Justice Knowles, CBE, speakers included Simon Kverndal QC at Quadrant Chambers, James Clancy FCIArb and Matthew Amey the event attracted nearly 100 attended. We will revert soon with a full write-up on this important event. Nearly ten questions were raised and more at the drinks and dips reception which followed.

Are you ready for the major Pireas 2017 biennial event tomorrow down in Greece; all set and John N. Cotzias expects this to be the event of events in the field.

More news tomorrow; until then be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists worldwide…


*Geops: our abbreviation for Geopolitics

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