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Hear from the Global Bauxite Working Group and Local P&I Correspondents

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Be among the first to hear the Global Bauxite Working Group’s findings 

At the IMO’s CCC4 Sub-Committee in September, the Global Bauxite Working Group will be presenting the findings of their hotly-anticipated report. These findings could have significant implications for the carriage, classification and testing of not only bauxite, but several other bulk cargoes.

Join us at the Liquefaction of Bulk Cargoes seminar on 25th – 26th September, less than 2 weeks after CCC4, to hear from attendees of the IMO Sub-Committee and members of Global Bauxite Working Group, as they discuss in detail the outcomes of the report, and its impact on future IMO regulation.


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Learn about the risks associated with the carriage of bulk cargo in South East Asia from local P&I Correspondents 
The current geo-political situation in The Philippines and Indonesia has generated a lot of discussion about the safety, risk and welfare of those involved in the shipping of ore in the region.

At Liquefaction of Bulk Cargoes, you will hear first-hand details about the current situation from two highly experienced, on-the-ground P&I correspondents. They will deliver a joint session delving into the practical and commercial risks you need to be aware of, as well as dispelling some common misconceptions about the region.

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Speakers for 2017 Will Include:

Dr Aime Harrison, Associate Geotechnical Civil Engineer at London Offshore Consultants
Dr Angus Skinner, Soil Mechanics Expert at Engineering Consultant
Nicholas Woo, Partner at Birkettes,
Dr Chistopher Menkiti, Senior Partner with the Geotechnical Consulting Group
Dughall Aitken, Chief Executive at Spica Services Group
Alan Speed, Senior Claims Director at Thomas Miller P&I

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