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North P&I Club welcomes Airbus to CSO Alliance

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Colin Gillespie

August 29, 2017 – North P&I Club has welcomed Airbus to the CSO Alliance, the industry-leading partnership of company security officers (CSOs) established to counter maritime crime.

Airbus, the largest aerospace company in Europe and a world-leading manufacturer, has partnered with the CSO Alliance to build a tailor-made, anonymous and secure online crime reporting platform to help counter maritime crime on a global scale. Airbus already has lots of experience dealing with the types of cyber security threats facing the shipping industry. With this reporting platform, incident data not only can be collected, but risks can be assessed, trends analysed and alerts made available to the community in a timely manner.

Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), at North P&I Club commented, “North fully supports the concept of information sharing on cyber related risks. Airbus’s membership of the CSO Alliance will bring proven experience, knowledge and expertise from the aviation sector. With Airbus’s support the CSO Alliance’s anonymous online reporting portal will actively encourage and facilitate the reporting and sharing of information around cyber risks. Ultimately this can result in cyber risks being dealt with more effectively throughout the maritime supply chain.”

Gillespie continued, “North has long been an advocate of the CSO Alliance’s collaborative approach to sharing security related information. Sharing information about cyber risks helps protect the maritime supply chain against these risks. The creation of this anonymous reporting system is welcomed as it allows cyber risks to be openly shared whilst maintaining commercial and individual confidentiality. Having the backing of an organisation such as Airbus is both welcome and timely for the maritime sector. In today’s cyber environment can you afford not to report?”

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