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HELMEPA Director General, Mr. Dimitris Mitsatsos

It is with sadness and apprehension that we follow the development of the oil spill resulting from the wreck of the vessel “Agia Zoni II” in the Saronic Gulf.

Unfortunately, accidents are unavoidable but for their minimization there is a need for prevention through continuous information and training in all sectors of human activity.

Prevention of marine pollution is the mandate of HELMEPA, as assigned by its volunteer Founders, Greek seafarers and ship owners, in June 1982. Cleaning up operations require specially trained personnel and resources, whose organization is the responsibility of the State, as the existing national plans provide, according to the international legislation.

Because of the continuing clean up efforts, HELMEPA postpones the voluntary beach clean ups at the coasts of west Attica, planned in the framework of the International Campaign of Voluntary Beach Clean ups between 16 September and 16 October.

We warmly thank the volunteers who have registered their participation in the activities and we will inform them accordingly once the circumstances allow.

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