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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index)  with a dozen points plus fights for survival; but everything is possible. Geopolitics are on the worse ever point and for sure will affect the Markets, Dry and Wets. John Faraclas’ midweek briefing:

With a dozen points at 1,320, following the recent 200 point fall – to be precise 198 the BDI tries to survive.

The Capers BCI was up  49 point at 2,667…

The Panamaxes up 29 bringing the BPI at 1,276 points…

The Supras’ though fall continued and the BSI was down 16 at 968 points.

The Handies too fell three and the BHSiu now reads 609 points.

Tough times…for the entire Dry family; do not be lured by the sudden ups, count the prolonged down market’s losses and see the damage… We reiterate the fact that unless we see the BDI over and above the 2,270 points – as at the end of December 2013, nothing really changes! Regret but this is the harsh reality. Some owners fixing their tonnage with better rates have hallucinations as they cannot understand that these ups and down are on low levels and the competition will kill all, except the very very very few… And then you have the newbuildings…

We would like to address a few questions to the analysts and gurus of shipping:

  1. When will this crisis be over?
  2. When shall will see the BDI above the 2,000 points? Any clue as for the 3,000 point mark?
  3. Can we expect to see a level of say 15 centum of tonnage going for demo?
  4. How can one counter to the forthcoming shipbuilding spree?

The Wets were down too; the last published BDTI (dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) were down; 17 points for both – 758 and 634 respectively… CAUTION here too!

And a couple of questions for the gurus and analysts for the Wet market:

  1. Will alternative sources of energy influence the Wet Markets?
  2. What will happen in case Suez Canal due to the war spilling over or what will happen if terrorists attack the canal?

One last set of questions for all types of tonnage: what will happen in the shipfinance front? Who will provide the funding of ships? And how the new regulations – BWM et all will affect shipping costs etc etc? 

The WTI made a “good” fall v=by losing a few cents to the benefit of the poor masses and now stands at US$ 49,91 very close to yesterday’s closing at US49,98…  Expect surprises vis-a-vis the WTI levels…

The Geopolitical front in total mess; the events that take place every second might ignite the inevitable…

The MIGRANTS are still here to make it a bigger mess… as the…

Wars in Syria and Iraq against the ISIS Islamist Terrorists and the dozen others there continues and possible might intensify…  One question which is now flying around all over Planet Ocean is; Why it takes so long to finish off the ISIS Terrorists? Why?

Are we going to see a coherent anti terrorist policy in the EU? Can president Macron of France deliver to this end?

Turkey escalates its provocations against Greece; today thee were three mock dog-fights involving Turkish jets and 66 (sixtysix) intrusions/violations of Greece’s and EU’s airspace… The accident is waiting to happen and no excuse will be allowed by the super powers and in particular by NATO’s Command and the EU… Within Turkey those who “plotted” president Erdogan’s assassination last year – forty people got life imprisonment! On the other hand wonder how Turkey stands financially. The free  thinking world expects also a mess with the Kurdish people innTurkey following the events in Catalonia… This will bring in Syria, Iran and Iraq…

Greece lives  a modern Greek drama and don’t be surprised of the outcome there. The culprits have targeted the old Athens Airport to halt its development… Shame… The day of M]Nemesis though will come and then I will tell you… The clean up of the Athens Riviera continues and we hope not to hear stupid declarations alike the one the other day that of cleaning the sea-bottom… what a palaver… Expect a messy court case on the entire issue; a must to see some behind bars…

BREXIT as said in past reporting is the issue of this Millennium; nothing will really change. London will remain Planet Ocean’s undisputable shipping centre and nothing will change in the administrative capital of  World Shipping! Ms May is the only hope not only of the Conservative party, but the best person to take forward the United Kingdom to prosperity.  Jeremy Corbyn is a third rated politician, a demagogue who lives in another world… CAUTION from populist puppets!!

No government team, no administration yet in Germany… That’s a big joke… Wonder what Mrs. Merkel is up to…

The Catalonian saga might become messy from Monday onwards; how ready we are to tackle another mess in Europe? Eh? Can Madrid make or break?

Can European Banks go through successfully  stress tests?  What happens with the Euro? Will other EU nations decide an exit?

At the other side of the Atlantic the USA is in a state of shock… Let’s see the Gun Law at last, otherwise expect more to happen; this is unacceptable to try put off Terrorists yet allow million of Guns around. NO EXCUSE please!

Will China continue to attract cargoes or will the Chinese see their economy burst beyond the bubble point?  Can China halt the North Koreans aggressiveness or it is as what many believe the Chinese behind all this mess supported by Putin’s Russia?

How will Japan respond after its general election? Can Abe make it?

Will Climate Change affect Australia’s temperature as many believe that in a decade – max 15 years Sydney and Melbourne will be BBQed in 50C?

WISTA-International newly elected president Despina Panagiotou-Theodossiou

On another note Despina Panagiotou-Theodosiou was elected president of WISTA-International during the 37th AGM and International Conference of WISTAs in Rotterdam! Will revert with a full story soonest…

Have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists  wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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