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Minerva Marine Seeks Cyber Security

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Stergios Papangelis, Insurance Manager, Minerva Marine; Olivia Paranos, Commercial Manager, HudsonHellas; William Elkins, Chief Technology Officer, HudsonSystems; Eftihia Benaki, Information Technology Manager, Minerva Marine; Max Bobys, Vice President, HudsonAnalytix – Cyber; Stefanos Stylianos, SQ & Marine Manager / DPA, Minerva Marine; Katerina Iliakopoulou, Legal Manager, Minerva Marine; and Anastasis Kontaratos, Chief Strategy Officer, Minerva Marine.

HudsonAnalytix – Cyber Completes First HACyberLogix Deployment in the Greek Shipping Market with Minerva Marine, Inc.

Athens, Greece, October 9, 2017 // HudsonAnalytix, Inc. is pleased to announce the implementation of its award-winning HACyberLogix self-assessment, decision-support platform to Minerva Marine, Inc. After dedicating several days in working with Minerva to deploy the platform, along with the conclusion of an intensive facilitation workshop with key company stakeholders, Minerva will be able to manage its long-term cyber risk management efforts and investments in a coordinated manner. In doing so, Minerva leadership will be able to use prioritized HACyberLogix recommendations to drive cybersecurity capability improvements across the entire organization.

Cyber risk has grown in importance as maritime trade becomes increasingly automated and dependent on information availability and accuracy. After the recent NotPetya attacks that debilitated a number of maritime transportation organizations, as well as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) recent announcement requiring that shipowners have in place a cyber risk management system by 2021, shipping companies are increasingly recognizing the urgency to address the challenge of cyber threats. Further, the potential risks posed by the reliance on information systems have become a fundamental component of enterprise security for shipping companies.

Eftihia Benaki, IT Manager of Minerva Marine, Inc. added: “HACyberLogix is an innovative platform that we believe can lead the way towards efficient cyber risk management. The workshop with Hudson consultants facilitated the assessment on the current cyber security readiness across the entire organization and helped us identify the existence of cyber risks within our Safety and Security Management System.”

Recipient of Lloyd’s List 2017 Digital Innovation Award, and endorsed by North of England P&I, the HACyberLogix platform uniquely combines more than 30 years of maritime risk management expertise with current cybersecurity expertise, capabilities, and best practices via an intuitive electronic interface that delivers meaningful cybersecurity guidance, insights, recommendations, and trend analysis capabilities to decision-makers. Designed to foster collaboration across an organization, HACyberLogix informs where and how shipowners and operators should best and most efficiently allocate precious resources, enables them to benchmark their cybersecurity capability progress over time, and helps them sustain their long-term cyber risk management efforts.

Max Bobys, Vice President of HudsonAnalytix–Cyber, stated, “Since inception, our goal has been to leverage technology to provide high value knowledge, expertise, and guidance across the global maritime industry at a reasonable and sustainable price point. Cybersecurity is new for most shipping companies – most haven’t even yet budgeted for it. We commend Minerva Marine’s decision in assuming a leading role within the Greek shipping market on the subject of cyber risk management.  As insurance providers design and introduce new cyber policies into the market, they will look to industry leaders like Minerva Marine for insights.”

HACyberLogix also incorporates the latest cybersecurity standards from the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Controls, and the ISO / IEC 27001 guidelines.  Even more, it aligns with the IMO’s International Safety Management and International Ship and Port Facility Security Codes, factoring in existing activities shipping companies are already performing that are not readily identifiable as cyber-specific but nonetheless support cybersecurity capability maturity.

HACyberLogix reflects not only more than 30 years of accrued maritime risk management experience but also combines it with the latest information technology-based knowledge and expertise.  Bill Elkins, HudsonAnalytix’ Chief Technology Officer and head of HudsonSystems added: “Our HACyberLogix implementations uniquely reflect the intersection of traditional maritime risk management with the latest information security standards, frameworks, controls, and best practices.”

Viewers who would like to schedule a private HACyberLogix demonstration or would like to receive more information on maritime cybersecurity, please contact  HACyberLogix at:

Telephone:                         +1.856.342.7500

Email:                                  info@ha-cyber.com

URLs:                                  www.ha-cyber.com


Follow them on LinkedIn:    https://www.linkedin.com/company/1550838/

Hudson Analytix–Cyber leverages extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise from both the cyber and physical security domains. HA-Cyber offers technology-agnostic, 360o integrated cybersecurity strategies and guidance to maritime transportation organizations of all sizes to assist them in understanding, managing, and mitigating their enterprise cyber risks today and in the future.

Minerva Marine, Inc. is a ship management company. www.minervamarine.com.

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