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The founder of Telemar UK takes up the helm at SRHi in UK

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Hans Rasmussen – Chairman

The founder member of Telemar (UK) Ltd, Rodger Perks, who stepped down from the board at the end of September, after 18 years as managing director, has agreed to postpone retirement to join the board of SRH International (SRHi) based in London, as a non-executive director.

SRHi is part of the SRH Group of companies where Athina Vezyri is the Chairman and founder of SRH in Athens. SRHi will lead the global reach by taking the business into new global frontiers.

Hans Rasmussen, formerly director of business development, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, will become chairman of the board.
Mr Perks created a world first by pioneering the development of fixed price, full bridge maintenance contracts for global shipping companies, with many blue-chip companies and hundreds of ships as clients.

Athina Vezyri – Director
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SRHi’s core business will build on the model of fixed Price Maintenance Contracts, with the purpose of expanding capability with an unrivalled portfolio of products and services.

This follows in the footsteps of the recently announced strategic alliance between Speedcast International Limited, the world’s most trusted provider of highly reliable, fully managed, remote communication and IT solutions and SRH Marine.

Just as the SRH strategic alliance with Speedcast redefines the management of navigation and communications across the Maritime industry by providing a fully integrated shipboard solution delivered by a single supplier, this latest development will further enhance capability with SRHi extending controlled service support and performance to global markets.

Rodger Perks – Non-exec Director

“I am pleased to be offered this opportunity,” said Rodger Perks. “SRH is a special company, fulfilling an increasingly important role as supplier and partner to shipping companies across the world. The new business, SRHi, is now significantly expanding its product portfolio and service offering and I look forward to working with the Board to further strengthen its market potential through much closer customer relationships and service support.”

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