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Invitation in London from the masterly handmade carpet company Miraraki

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Despina Miraraki, one of the most formidable Greek entrepreneurs and successful businesswomen, brought the cream of her impressive handmade carpet collection to London for a limited few days’ exhibition.   

The Miraraki carpet company has been around for 30 years. It is a company that specialises exclusively in handmade carpets. Despina Miraraki, the lady behind the company’s immense success, became a favourite TV icon with her carpet sale shows on various channels over those three decades. With her dynamism and expert knowledge around the handmade carpet craft, she transmitted her passion to millions of viewers and customers. Her achievements include her enterprise being named the best handcrafted carpet company globally and winning the Seven Star Carpet Gallery Award.

Despina Miraaki answers to guests questions

A vast range of tailor-made carpets are available to browse and purchase, including traditional and modern varieties, from the 22nd-26th of November daily from 10am – 9pm at London’s prestigious Connaught Hotel.

Guests are welcomed with a cocktail reception and have the opportunity to browse masterpieces, from classic carpets created from wool and silk to modern designs. The carpets include Persian silks, Qum, Tabriz, Nain and Isfahan.

l to r: Pavlos Horne, Despina Miraraki, Chrisanthi P. Lemos, Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki, and guests

On Mrs Miraraki’s kind invitation, on the evening of 23rd of November we had the opportunity to meet her personally and be introduced to the world of handmade carpets. She spoke to us about the dying art of making carpets by hand in Iran and the measures seeking to preserve this craft, and about the status of master threaders who are honoured in the Eastern hemisphere in the same way that great painters in the West are.

Exceptional carpets on show

Guests of the evening included Mrs Chrisanthy Lemos, Mr Paul Horne, Dr Evelyn Stefanaki, Miss Janaina Baxevanis, Mrs Maria Hadjipateras and Mrs Eleni Malatou.

With thanks to Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki for her support and pictures!


All pictures courtesy of Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki.-

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