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Dry …smiles and wet tears

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John N. Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was up 79 points earlier on today thanks to the excellent performance of the volatile Capers and the up and coming Panamaxes; Geopolitics are becoming more enigmatic and perplexed. John Faraclas’ daily market briefing:

So at 1,341 points the BDI “makes” waves… 

The Capers doubled their …rich pickings since yesterday with 289 points and now the BCI stands at 2,715 points…

The Panamaxes had modest upwards gains; the BPI now stands at 1,365 points – up 33!

Not the same picture for the Supras and Handies; the BSI lost ten points and now reads 884 and the BHSI lost four and falls down to 604 points.

Despite the rise of the BDI we reiterate the view that one or two indices rise or fall do not constitute a market.-

A falling picture for the Wets; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 683 – minus 17 and 653 – minus two respectively… Be on guard!

The WTI went earlier on today over and above the US$ 62 at US$ 62.21 and as these lines are being written it stands at US$ 61.89… Caution.

The Dow Jones broke another record; over the 25,000 points threshold and president Tump says same is heading at 30,000 points! At 25,073 sets another interesting record. The FTSE was also up closing at 7,695! We shall see the correlation of these figures with the real economy, jobs and growth…

Geopolitics continue to bother us all with the twists and turns as things turn sour worldwide. We observe ultra caution.

That’s all for now, have a  nice evening, mind the weather worldwide which already causes havoc and loss of humane life and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists all over Planet Ocean.-

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