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REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker and GoodFuels Marine enter into partnership for sustainable inland shipping

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Advanced Biofuels more widely available for European inland shipping

Rotterdam, 25 January 2018 – From today, VARO Energy subsidiary REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker and GoodFuels Marine will work together to make European inland shipping more sustainable. As a result, the sustainable advanced biofuels from GoodFuels Marine are now also available at the port of Rotterdam, and will be available along inland shipping routes in the Netherlands through the REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker bunker network as well.

REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker supplies fuel to inland vessels throughout North West Europe. Thanks to the collaboration with GoodFuels Marine, biofuels will be available for inland and coastal vessels, thereby contributing to a more sustainable European inland shipping fleet.

More demand for alternative fuels
Ben van Kol, Managing Director of REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker, said: “Due to climate targets and stricter emission requirements, the demand for alternative shipping fuels is increasing. We are proud to provide our shipping customers with sustainable biofuels through the collaboration between GoodFuels Marine and our parent company VARO Energy. We will ensure that these fuels are available throughout our entire bunker network.”

Savings and improvement
GoodFuels Marine’s sustainable biofuels have been specifically developed for shipping. They save up to 90 per cent CO2 and 100 per cent sulphur compared to fossil fuels, helping to deliver a material improvement in air quality. The biofuels are suitable for every type of marine engine, without requiring any modifications.

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels Marine: “We are very pleased that this collaboration will enable us to offer one of the most climate-friendly options for shipping through the largest inland bunker network in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region. We are confident that it will further accelerate the sustainability of shipping.”

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