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Audit of STS Service Providers on behalf of Tanker Operators

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Audit of STS Service Providers on behalf of Tanker Operators
A new concept for this industry

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Are the current applicable standards adequate to ensure healthy competition among STS Service Providers?
  2. What is the scope of approvals on behalf of Tanker Operators?
  3. Why is there a need for “base line criteria”?
  4. Do audits conducted by oil majors provide an assurance to the tanker operator?
  5. Can a charterer/ trader rely on an audit conducted by another organisation?
  6. What is the duty of a charterer/ trader prior appointing an STS service provider?
  7. Why auditing on behalf of Tanker Owners? Who bares the auditing costs?
  8. What are the benefits from this proposed methodology?
  9. Why being audited by DYNAMARINe?
  10. Is DYNAMARINe an STS Service Provider?
  11. Do auditors of STS Service Providers need to have Seafarers’ Experience?
  12. Why this industry requires high quality standards on STS operations on a global Scale?
  13. Can a ship operator or his master reject an STS service provider?

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Trading opportunities in new locations have led to the continuous growth of Ship-to-Ship transfer operations globally in recent years. This is a healthy and welcome development allowing positive economic growth across the industry. New local STS service providers have developed to provide totally new trading/lightering needs or to compete with existing organisations that offer such services.

Increased competition can have positive effect in improving the services available at a specific location. In the specific industry sector, it has been evidenced that the existing competition can encourage the emergence of low cost, substandard STS providers to the detriment of both the industry and the environment and with negative implications for the worldwide standing of the industry.

These organisations have the opportunity to survive and expand due to the fact that there are no adequate resources in place from their contractors, to evaluate their performance prior to or after each STS operation.

Prudent tanker operators find the current ease of entry to the industry by substandard providers worrying. They cannot directly influence the appointment of STS service providers since it is the responsibility of the trader/charterer or cargo receiver, yet have to take full statutory liability and contractual responsibility for STS operations thereby subsidising the substandard providers by protecting them from any liability resulting from their errors.

DYNAMARINe proposes an auditing scheme on behalf of Tanker Operators, based on IMO’s SOLAS and MARPOL regulations, OCIMF Guidelines, relevant ISO standards and OSIS data.

Any audit undertaken by DYNAMARINe is not just a simple review of the SPSA system, records and equipment; it seeks to establish and maintain a continuing link between the tanker operator and the STS service provider to ensure safety and environmental protection during STS operations.

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