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ABS Hosts Propulsion Systems Optimization and Approval Seminar in Hong Kong

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Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, ABS Technology Manager during his presentation

ABS Hong Kong hosted a seminar on “Propulsion Systems Optimization and Approval” last November as part of Hong Kong Maritime Week activities.

The aim of the seminar was to increase the participants’ awareness of the significant effects that the introduction of the International Maritime Organization’s Energy Efficiency Design Index has on modern propulsion shaftline designs and in particular in the areas of Shaft Alignment, Barred Speed Range, and Ice Class Shafting Systems.

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, ABS Technology Manager, explained the challenges evidenced by trends in smaller engine room space, shorter shaftlines, heavier propellers and slower modern 2-stroke Eco-engines.

He presented a concise technical description of ABS efforts to effectively respond to these challenges through annual Rule updates, introduction of optional notations and related shaftline analysis services. More than 40 participants attended, mostly from Hong Kong ship-owning companies.

The attendees showed an active interest in the subjects presented, which was evident by the many questions asked and the workshop style of discussion that followed.

Some clients requested a specific follow up in their office, with separate sessions held to fulfill the request. More sessions have been requested for the future, and ABS Hong Kong is working to satisfy the clients’ needs.

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