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HRAS News: Dr. Sofia Galani presents ‘human rights at sea’ at the BRS&LI

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Dr. Sofia Galani

Dr. Sofia Galani presents maritime security and human rights, and explores the ‘human rights at sea’ debate

Human Rights at Sea is very pleased that Dr Sofia Galani, one of its Non- Executive Board of Advisors, gave an insightful academic presentation on January 23rd 2018 at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution on the topic of maritime security and human rights, where she explored the ‘human rights at sea’ debate and its developments over the past years following various human rights violations that have occurred at sea.

In particular, Sofia addressed the legal and practical challenges of human rights protections at sea and explored ways in which such protections can be strengthened.

The talk that was positively received from the audience, was given at the Bath Literary and Scientific Institution as part of their events on the World Affairs series on the theme ‘Oceans’.

DOWNLOAD the presentation speech

Bristol University law students lead on new Flag State project

PRESS RELEASE 9 January 2018 Bristol University law school students lead on new flag State project with Human Rights at Sea BRISTOL.UK. The University of Bristol’s Human Rights Implementation Centre offers a unique opportunity for students to conduct applied research in collaboration with valued partners through its Human Rights Law Clinic. The nature of the Clinic attracts action-oriented students seeking to gain practical experience and …continue reading »

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