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Propeller Club Liverpool: The networking revolution continues…

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From the event hosted by the Brookes Bell Group

Propeller Club Liverpool: The networking revolution continues…

by Steven Jones FRSA, president, The Propeller Club Port of Liverpool

There is a wonderful time during any industry event – especially one you have organised yourself. You step back, looking around, taking it all in – and then, you see and hear the most fantastic thing. People engaging, talking, laughing – some heated debate in one corner, reminisces about times and people in another, and people talking about hopes and dreams, ambitions and plans moving forward.

Steven Jones

That kind of things happens a lot at Propeller Club Liverpool’s maritime networking First Thursday events. Maritime professionals come together, they relax, and they get to know each other. They come to not just sell and promote their own businesses, but in a warm, welcoming environment they are happy to hear about others too.

So, we see something very special indeed – we see a shipping social symbiosis. This is where companies in close physical association, all from Liverpool and the north west, begin to see the advantages of the weight of numbers. The gravity of coming together, which brings business opportunities and life to a city.

Propeller Club Liverpool has been around for approaching 4 years now, but our maritime networking events actually pre-date the club. First Thursdays have been going for 9 years, which seems incredible. Though it does prove the old adage that time flies when you are having fun, and even more so landing contracts into the deal.

The membership, friends, supporters and sponsors of Propeller Club Liverpool see it as a fantastic opportunity to meet, to bring new people from the local business scene together, and we often welcome visitors from farther afield. We would be very pleased to welcome readers from All About Shipping, so if you are planning a trip to Liverpool or the north west – make sure you tie the times into a First Thursday, and then you can meet a whole host of new business contacts.

Adam Whittle, Loss Adjuster at Brookes-Bell Group Vice President of Liverpool North West Propeller Club welcoming people at the-event

As important as First Thursdays are, these are not the only events we host, and not the only kind of opportunities we bring to businesses and the local maritime community. We hold two lunches annually, in Spring and Autumn – indeed the April lunch this year is a very special one indeed. Propeller Club Liverpool was proud to have played a part in the campaign to release the #Chennai6 maritime security guards held in India. This lunch is an official “Welcome Home”, as the campaign succeeded, and so all those who helped and supported the guys are coming along to raise a toast to the 6 brave men and their incredible families and friends.

Our monthly maritime networking event was held at Brookes Bell Group fabulous offices high above Liverpool business district.  It has been a busy and happy event helped along with great hospitality by our hosts and sponsors, as is always the case

We are extremely proud of the work we have conducted with charities – and we represent the local maritime business community on the Port Welfare Committee. We have raised funds for the Liverpool Seafarers Centre, and also Seafarers UK. Something which allows us to support the wonderful work of so many people who make a difference to the lives of the seafarers and crews who visit our region.

Liverpool is blessed with many, many maritime organisations and groups – and we have taken on the challenge of trying to build a bridge between them all. So, we have created a shared shipping calendar for the area, and each club and group can see what else is going on. This is, we believe, the only example in the maritime world – and something that other cities can perhaps learn from.

Maritime legal consultant Anna Kaparaki with Charlotte Morton – cargo readiness advisor at CMA CGM in Liverpool

2018, like the previous years, is a very busy time for us. We have our First Thursdays every month, we have the #Chennai6 Heroes: Welcome Home lunch – but we have even more excitement planned too. We are set to host the inaugural Marine Football Challenge competition and will be holding a quiz evening to raise funds for the Battle of the Atlantic memorial.

From football to culture, business development to charity work, Propeller Club Liverpool exists to do good things. To promote shipping, to help our members win business and to make our city and region a maritime powerhouse once more.

You can find out more at our website www.propellerclub.co.uk and we have a lively social media presence @propellerists You can also see the action in all its glory at https://www.flickr.com/photos/propellerists/

So, get in touch, join in, sign up and be a part of the maritime networking revolution.

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