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BCG at Delphi Economic Forum 2018

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Chryssos Kavounides in conversation with Karolina Ekholm

Last week, a BCG delegation had the opportunity to attend the third annual meeting of the Delphi Economic Forum.

The many and diverse sessions, the high calibre of the participants and their contributions, as well as the unmatched setting of Delphi were only some of the highlights of the Forum.

This year, our large delegation at the Forum joined 440 speakers and 2,000 global and local leaders.

BCG participated in panels on:
Eurozone Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy, along with key EU & Greek stakeholders
Greek Shipping, along with global shipping leaders
Investment in Energy, along with executives from leading energy companies and policymakers
Global Competition for Greek companies, along with CEOs of top Greek companies

For all those who were not able to attend, we have prepared a summary of our BCG speakers and moderators’ contributions to the Forum’s agenda through videos, presentations, and press coverage for each panel.

Vassilis Antoniades, Senior Partner at BCG Athens, Regional Head of Financial Institutions and Head of BCG Athens, discussed ways to translate strengthened growth into bank recovery, as part of the panel on “The Eurozone Economic Outlook & Monetary Policy.” Other panel participants included D. Nouy, Chair of the ECB Single Supervisory Mechanism, N. Karamouzis, Chairman of Eurobank & Chairman of the Hellenic Bank Association, C. Megalou, CEO of Piraeus Bank, and G. Provopoulos, Former Governor of the Bank of Greece and Chairman of Eurobank Bulgaria AD. The panel was chaired by Ploutarchos Sakellaris, Professor of Economics at AUEB.

“The number one contributor to bank losses is operating costs, making banks’ cost bases throughout Europe the biggest obstacle to the turnaround of the sector. In our experience, 65-70% of not only client-facing but also internal processes can be robotized and automated.”
Click here to view a video of the speech
Click here to read “Global Risk 2018: Future-Proofing the Bank Risk Agenda” publication
Click here to view the presentation
Click here to view an article on the panel on Kathimerini

Camille Egloff, Senior Partner at BCG Athens and Head of Transportation & Logistics sector for BCG globally, discussed the opportunity that digital presents in sustaining Greek shipping’s competitive advantage, as part of the panel on “Greek Shipping as Geopolitical Power Source.” Other panel participants included G. Procopiou, Chairman of Dynagas LNG Partners, T. Martinos, MD of Eastern Mediterranean Maritime, Dr. Papadimitriou, President of the Onassis Foundation and A. Hadjiyiannis, President of Cyprus Union of Shipowners. The panel was chaired by Costas Grammenos, Professor at Cass Business School.

“At BCG, thanks to our global Vessel Opex benchmark, we have shown that Greek shipowners have had a significant cost advantage; however, this advantage is decreasing over time as other global players are catching up. Not only the competition is changing, but also the world around us is changing. Greek shipping companies have to embrace the change and Greece has a lot to offer to do it successfully and become a center of excellence for digital in shipping.”
Click here to view a video of the speech
Click here to read “The Digital Imperative in Container Shipping” publication

Click here to view the presentation

Click here to view an article on the panel on Newmoney.gr

Christophe BrognauxSenior Partner at BCG Brussels, discussed the effect of energy regulation on private investments, as part of the panel on “Fostering Investment in Energy to Support Climate Change Goals and Energy Security.” Other panel participants included Y. Maniatis, Former Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change, D. Benroubi, GM of Protergia, Mytilineos, and S. Goutsos, Deputy CEO of Public Power Corporation. The panel was chaired by Alex Lagakos, Founding Chairman at Greek Energy Forum.

 “In most countries, energy regulation has two specificities: it is versatile and part of a redistribution system. Regulation is versatile because it is set by governments, which come and go at the speed of elections, but the investment horizon is much longer than that. As part of the wider redistribution system, incentives can change as well, however a clear and stable long term vision, build upon a broad consensus, will increase predictability in the incentives and taxes and generate more trust from possible investors.”

Click here to view a video of the speech

Click here to view an article on the panel on Capital.gr

Chryssos KavounidesSenior Principal at BCG Athens, chaireda panel discussion on “Greek multinationals in global competiton,” including the T. Fessas, President of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, S. Theodoropoulos, CEO of Chipita, V. Fourlis, Chairman of Fourlis Holdings, and N. Katsou, CEO of Pharmathen.

Click here to view a video of the panel discussion

Click here to view an article on the panel on Naftemporiki

Chryssos also moderated a discussion with Karolina Ekholm, State Secretary to Minister for Finance, Sweden on “The EU Economy After the Global Financial Crisis – Lessons Learnt and Challenges Ahead.”

Click here to view a video of the discussion

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