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Giant Container Ship docks in the Port of Hamburg

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The “CMA CGM  Antoine de Saint Exupéry” berthed  in the Burchadkai Terminal in Hamburg

Biggest Container Ship entered the Port of Hamburg

Following the last video on the 14th of March on “Virtual Reality in the Port of Hamburg: 360°-Video of the Rethe Bridge” – another very special on  from the Ports and Terminals sector meticulously prepared by  Johanna Sebauer and her team from realTV group GmbH & Co.KG:

In this episode of smartPORT TV we pay a visit to the giant container vessel “CMA CMG Antoine de Saint Exupéry” that is currently docking at Burchardkai in the Port of Hamburg. The giant lady from France is 400m long and can hold up to 20.600 standard container (TEU). The Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building could, in theory, fit horizontally. 50 years ago in 1968 the first container ship entered the Port of Hamburg: The “American Lancer” mesured 213m in lenght and could “only” hold 1.200 TEU.

You can download the clip using the following FTP-Link or embed the YouTube Clip into your website. If you are intested in using our material in your media outlet we’d be happy if you’d give us quick heads up.

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