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WISTA Americas: Facing the challenges of the shipping industry

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WISTA Argentina, a chapter of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, is honoured to issue an invitation to attend WISTA Americas 2018, which will take place at Centro Naval, Room Almirante Brown, in Buenos Aires, on June 18-20, 2018, and to celebrate WISTA Argentina’s fifth anniversary. It will be the first time an activity of this scale is organised by businesswomen related to the shipping industry in the region, and it will be a unique opportunity to meet for a few days of discussion, debate, and celebration.

We want to learn from each other and create a meaningful framework for the assessment of the progress of the maritime industry, which is experiencing significant changes. The changes should be appraised to enable us to face them, and mainly, promote the incorporation of more women, into the shipping industry and the Association, in the region.

The conference will include social events, such as a reception cocktail, a tango night, and a city tour, providing opportunities for networking, as we understand the importance of building  business relationships, sharing knowledge, experiences and mentoring.

We are glad to announce that  Ms Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, president of WISTA International, and Ms Jeanne Grasso, WISTA International Exco  (executive committee) member will join us, together with WISTA members from all over the world. We are glad to count with the participation of Ms Mona Swoboda, representative of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (Executive Secretariat for Integral Development), of the Organisation of American States, and Ms Birgit Lioden, board member, Bellona Environmental Foundation, Norwegian Sea Rescue Society and WISTA Norway.

The conference offers a lively agenda with topics including new challenges for the maritime industry in the region, efficiency in ports and logistics operations, major incidents response, disruptive changes, new technologies, sustainable shipping, environmental regulations, and the relevance of the human factor in shipping,

WISTA Americas 2018 enjoys the support of WISTA Brazil, WISTA USA, WISTA Canada, WISTA Dominican Republic and colleagues in the Cayman Islands, and will gather representatives of the shipping industry at large who will attend.

Hence, don’t miss the chance to participate in WISTA AMERICAS 2018, celebrate WISTA Argentina’s fifth anniversary, and meet other WISTA national associations and enterprising women of the region.

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