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Hot Port News from GAC

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Mobile, United States

Queensland, Australia
Strong winds prompt temporary port closure
Thursday, April 5, 2018, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Dammam port marine operations were temporarily suspended today at 0300 hours local time today (5 April) due to strong winds.

For safety reasons, the Port Authority/Marine Department halted ships’ movements for docking /undocking during whilst the high wind speeds persist. This may affect vessels’ window and performance.

For information about operations at Dammam contact GAC Saudi Arabia at dammam@gac.com

Shoaling in Three Mile Creek Turning Basin & Upper Mobile River
Thursday, April 5, 2018, Mobile, United States

The Mobile District Army Corps of Engineers released the latest soundings of the Upper Mobile River and show that there is shoaling in the channel from Three Mile Creek turning basin and southward several hundred feet.

Because of the existing conditions, a maximum draft of 38 feet will be imposed for ships entering or departing Three Mile Creek Turning Basin or using that portion of the Mobile River north of the Grain elevator at the Alabama State Port Authority.

The Army Corps of Engineers is presently making plans to deploy a dredge to that location in the next two weeks. For vessels that are currently loaded with a draft that exceeds 38 feet and desiring to transit that location, please contact this office. Please check with the bar pilots as to any further restrictions prior to sailing a ship in that location.

You can find the surveys at: http://navigation.sam.usace.army.mil/surveys/detail.asp?code=MR

This notice is cancelled June 27, 2018.

(For information about operations in the United States, contact GAC North America at usa@gac.com)

Source: Alabama State Port Authority Harbor Master Notice to Shipping No.03-18 dated 4 April, 2018

Tropical Cyclone Iris weakening
Thursday, April 5, 2018, Queensland, Australia

Tropical cyclone Iris remains a category 1 cyclone, but is continuing to weaken as it moves in an east-southeast direction away from the Queensland east coast. Iris is expected to continue on its current track today (5 April), and weaken below tropical cyclone intensity this afternoon or tonight.

The remnant tropical low will turn around tonight and adopt a track back towards the northwest. It is no longer having any significant impact on the Queensland coast or islands.

Operating as per normal.

The Pilotage Areas of Hay Point and Mackay are no longer under a Bureau of Meteorology cyclone warning or watch. With improved weather conditions, the Regional Harbour Master will re-open the Pilotage Area of Hay Point including the anchorage and Mackay Pilotage Area at 0800 hours local time today 5 April 2018.
Masters entering the area are advised to navigate with caution and keep a proper lookout for debris and marine hazards within the area. Navigation aids may be out of position or damaged.
Vessels that were at anchorage at Hay Point and Abbot Point prior to the closure are now returning back to their respective anchorage positions.
The Regional Harbour Master reopened the Pilotage Areas of Abbot Point and Bowen at 0800 hours local time today.
Masters advised to navigate with caution and keep a proper lookout for debris and marine hazards within the area.Navigation aids may be out of position or damaged.

Operating as per normal.

For information about operations at Australia ports contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

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