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Reviving Palmyra in Multiple Dimensions!

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New in store: ”Reviving Palmyra in Multiple Dimensions: Images, Ruins and Cultural Memory

In 2015–2017 Palmyra, a World Heritage Site situated in Syria, was conquered by ISIS who destroyed its monuments and museum, also killing several of its inhabitants. Their aim was to erase the memory and identity of the place, its people and our common heritage. However, through the use of modern technology including photogrammetry, digital imagery and 3D modelling, it has been possible to recreate the documented monuments, thus overcoming to some extent the trauma, cultural destruction and loss.

This book provides a visual reconstruction of Palmyra.
The combination of visualization and written accounts interlink the environment and its people, the monuments and archaeological small finds by using ancient written sources, old photographs, new imagery, 3D models and 3D printing. Thus this ancient site and its past is revived in multiple dimensions.

  • A classic example of digital archaeology and virtual reconstruction
  • Provides a comprehensive and fascinating study of Palmyra, lifting it from the ruins
  • A beacon for the recording of international cultural heritage

Reviving Palmyra in Multiple Dimensions: Images, Ruins and Cultural Memory

Author: Adjunct Professor Silver, Professor Fangi, Mr. Denker
ISBN/EAN: 978-184995-296-5
Publisher: Whittles Publishing
Pages: 256
Binding information: Hardback
Price: €40,- (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

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