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Western Bulk selects Veson Nautical’s Digital Transformation System

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Boston, MA, USA and Oslo, Norway – April 19, 2018 – Veson Nautical, the market leader in commercial maritime software and services, and Western Bulk, a key player in global dry bulk, today announced the selection of Veson’s Veslink IMOS Platform as Western Bulk’s end-to-end digital freight solution. Such a solution is increasingly essential in today’s market as shipping companies race to modernize and leverage technologies that will safeguard future competitive advantage. Western Bulk made the decision to implement the Veslink IMOS Platform as part of its ongoing digital transformation initiative.

Western Bulk Working with Veson Nautical

Western Bulk has been a client of Veson Nautical since 2014, with more than 100 users around the globe using IMOS. According to Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology & Digital Strategy at Western Bulk,

“We are a global company, and one of our reasons for moving to the new Platform was to improve speed and performance at our offices around the world. We also wanted to give our employees better mobility and the freedom to work from any device simply using their browser.”

He continued, “When working with digitalization, we feel that it is very important to balance present with future thinking. We need to both exploit our current business model, and to explore new opportunities. By moving to the new Platform, Veson is helping us to improve our operational effectiveness. And, when looking at the future, we feel that Veson is listening to our needs, and we do believe that our companies have a good match on strategy for moving forward. Together we will develop and explore new possibilities, and new ways of working.”

Stated John Veson, CEO of Veson Nautical, “We are thrilled that Western Bulk has chosen the Veson IMOS Platform and that we have the opportunity to partner with them as they digitally transform their business. We look forward to them realizing the benefits of the Platform. We have worked closely with Western Bulk in the past—even embedding a project manager on site to ensure as smooth an implementation as possible. We are very pleased to continue our strong relationship as together we determine new ways to succeed in the maritime shipping industry today, tomorrow, and far into the future.”


About Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical provides commercial operations and risk management solutions to the maritime industry. For over 30 years, the world’s top owners, charterers, and operators have used Veson tools to drive their businesses forward. Since 2003, Veson’s Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) has been the industry-standard solution for chartering, operations, and financials. Every day, over 200 leading maritime organizations use IMOS to manage 50,000 annual voyages and over $25 billion in worldwide trade.

In 2017, Veson Nautical launched the Veslink IMOS Platform, the first complete commercial shipping solution optimized for the web and mobile devices. In addition to the core IMOS workflows validated by the industry over the past 15 years, the Veslink IMOS Platform enables direct connectivity to the over 500 owners, charterers, agents, brokers, bunker vendors, and suppliers that make up the Veslink Network. The company may be reached via the Web at www.veson.com or in their Boston headquarters at +1.617.723.2727.

About Western Bulk (https://www.westernbulk.com/)

Western Bulk is a global dry bulk operator with an untraditional business model. We are asset light, trading-oriented and decentralized, and we use risk management as a guiding principle for all our decisions.

Western Bulk is headquartered in Oslo, and has offices in Singapore, Seattle, Santiago and Casablanca. The company is a pure dry bulk operator; using a large portfolio of vessels leased to transport cargo for various customers worldwide, either on contract basis or in the spot market.

Our business model of extensive use of optionality in our trading activities, gives us the flexibility to constantly optimize our portfolio of vessels and cargo, and provides an upside potential in volatile or firming markets.

Based on our presence in different markets worldwide, we have built a broad and well-diversified supplier and customer base. In 2017, we used an average fleet of 140 vessels to transport 33.8 million tonnes of dry bulk commodities for more than 400 cargo customers world-wide

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