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Theotokas on “Management of the Shipping Companies”; the book!

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Pleased to inform you all on the publication of our friend and Chiot compatriot Ioannis Theotokas’ new book ‘Management of Shipping Companies’ by Routledge in the Routledge Maritime Masters Series! Given what takes place all over Planet Ocean with the shipping adventure, this book comes at no better time. A few words about this unique and accessible book which we look eagerly to study and comment: 

The maritime sector is dynamic and volatile, creating the need for continuous monitoring of the latest developments and their effects on the organisation, management and strategies of shipping companies. This book analyses the business environment of these companies and the approaches they adopt in organising and managing their activities.

Management of Shipping Companies aims to facilitate the learning and understanding of the fascinating world of shipping business. It examines the organisation and management of companies which manage ocean-going ships, emphasising the special characteristics of the industry and the framework created by these. This textbook offers a detailed account of the companies’ processes and functions, the structural and contextual dimensions of their organisation, as well as an analysis of human resources, safety management and the outsourcing of shipping operations. Written in an easily digestible and critical manner, it includes case studies and analysis of best practices implemented by companies worldwide.

This unique and accessible book is an ideal text for students in maritime studies programs as well as readers interested in learning about maritime businesses’ organisation and management.

*Ioannis Theotokas is Professor of Management of Shipping Companies at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean, Greece.

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