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Moby Lines triples profits and increases EBITBA by 13.3%

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Revenues up 9%, with an Ebitda recording an increase of 13.3% and an operating result of 24 million compared to 7.7 of the previous year.

Moby lines, that controls also Tirrenia, Toremar, the tugboats division, Moby St Peter line and the port terminals under concession, scored the 2017 financial year with a positive performance.

With a passenger traffic of 6.5 million people and a very high growth in freight traffic (+ 13%) up to 7.5 million linear meters of goods, Moby Lines recorded 586 million euro revenues with a 47 million Euro growth as compared with the previous financial year ( + 9%). The Ebitda of the group jumped to 131.8 million, 20 million more than the previous year with a growth of 13.3%.

Profits reached 24 million euros, more than three times as  compared to 7.7 million of the previous year; despite the launch of three new start-up activities which significantly weighed on the balance sheet data: the one concerning the management of cruise activities in the Baltic area, the one related to the new lines with Corsica from France and the implementation of the motorways of the sea project. This latter business has contributed significantly to the development of freight transport and the conquest of a 39% market share on routes to and from Sicily which have increased by 10% compared to the previous year.

During 2017 the company has also strengthened its involvement in the port sector by investing in the LTM plants in Leghorn, competing for the privatization of the Porto2000 passenger terminal and increasing traffic in the Catania controlled terminal.

“Theese financial results and the commercial data – Achille Onorato says – confirm that we are on the right track; the trust placed on us by passengers and transport operators, give further confidence for the pursuit of our corporate strategy that mainly focuses on providing a service of quality and reliability “.

“The group that is involved in an important development plan, concerning both the fleet, the port activities and its network, is preparing to face the new challenges looking to the future in terms of investments and sustainability while remaining well anchored to the traditions of the Italian navy that pass down through generations by women and men who are our most important heritage “

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