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Containerships selects Fleetrange

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One of the four new LNG vessel Containerships Nord. copyright Containerships

Containerships plc selects Fleetrange for Operational Awareness

Finnish logistics company Containerships plc has chosen Fleetrange as the company’s Operational Awareness solution. Fleetrange enables Containerships to easily track and share real-time operational information, such as Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA), vessel locations and terminal weather and status to all relevant stakeholders within the company. Fleetrange is also used for operational itinerary- and route planning as well as emergency response.

“Our goal is to offer the most efficient and reliable door-to-door logistics to our customers in the cleanest possible way and our investments in LNG powered technology is a good example of how we improve the sustainability of our services. We are also always on the lookout for new technology and we selected Fleetrange because we feel that their innovative cloud-solution will enable us to further improve our high service- and safety-levels. The best thing with Fleetrange is that it combines and visualises all our relevant operational data into one easily accessible view for our wall displays, intranet and mobile phones. We can also utilise Fleetrange to automatically and systematically track and trend Operational Quality events, such as high winds in terminals or heavy weather along our routes. We really enjoy working with Fleetrange as they provide a seldom-seen level of engagement and responsivity to our special requests and we look forward to a long and prosperous cooperation” – says Pekka Järnefelt, Sea Operations Director of Containerships plc.

Fleetrange enables a new level of real-time operational awareness, by combining various external data sources with the company’s internal business information and processes and making this data extremely easy to access and share. A unique aspect of Fleetrange is an optional IoT unit, which offers real-time data from the vessels, such as ship-tracking, traffic-monitoring, vessel motion and live video and which further improves the situational awareness of the conditions the vessel is sailing in. Fleetrange is built on an open architecture, which offers extensive APIs for both import and export of live data. The solution requires minimal investments, is easy to implement and very affordable to use.

“We strongly believe in the value of working together with our customers and we regard ourselves as their digitalisation partners. We constantly keep track of new technological developments in areas such as process automation, Machine Learning and Blockchain and we want to be enable our customers to benefit from these. One such technology is BOQA, a methodology adopted from the flight industry and which is used to automatically track and trend Operational Quality events. We are proud to say that we will now start the official trials with Containerships of, what we believe, is the world’s first container ship BOQA-solution and which includes both ships and terminals”, – says Henrik Ramm-Schmidt, CEO and Founder of Fleetrange Ltd.

Fleetrange BOQA is a Bridge Operational Quality Assurance solution designed primarily for the Captains themselves and their Fleet managers. The methodology is adopted from the Flight industry (FOQA) and is used for systematically and automatically tracking and trending Operational Quality events, such as heavy weather along the route, high wind in terminals, heavy motion, crash stops, excessive turns, close encounter with other ships, ECA/PSSA and restricted area entries, TSS-violations, port arrivals/departures, schedule accuracy, cross-track/off-track, blackouts etc.

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