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The BDI’s fall raises many issues amid deteriorating Geopolitics

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost another 34 points today and now reads 1,239 which is 1,008 points below the end of December 2013 closing; back to square one, unfortunately but expected. The Capes, the most volatile of all sizes id the culprit… Geopolitics might even get worse. As we have maintained all along we are already in World War III with whatever this entails! John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capes lost almost 100 points – 96 to be more precise with the BCI now standing at 1,957 – below the 2,000 point threshold! Ultra-caution should be observed!

Minimal rise for the other three dry indices; the Panamaxes BPI was up two points at 1,243…

The Supras were also up two points with the BSI now reading 1,071 points.

Just one point for the Handies’ BHSI was enough for the “optimists…” – now at 591 points.

All in all a perplexed dry downwards market…

The Wets on an upwards mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 714 – that’s 22 points up surpassing the 700 points threshold and 525 – that’s just one, but vital point respectively!

The WTI was up reading US$ 72.25; it will soon become a nasty situation triggering social discontent and upturn… we advise caution!

The Container trade goes once again through dire straits and given the sanctions against Iran and Russia expect a messy outcome…

Europe is not happy with the US president’s sanctions on Iran… CAUTION!

The EU, China vs. the USA on the trade war issue as same brings a move by president Trump reconsidering and reviewing the situation… We have already predicted this!

Interestingly the FTSE was on a new record high above the 7,800 points!!! Not so good news for the Pound which hit another six months low…

The Geopolitical front continues to be a dangerous one and as mention in the preamble above we are in World War Three!  Expect developments within the Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the caucuses to the Horn of Africa. We can assure you of messy situations which you have never ever imagined, taking place soon in the entire East Med, The Aegean, Balkans and Black Sea! This will produce another ten million of Migrants! MIGRANTS will turn at the of they the Wold upside down!

Let’s see the end result  in Italy with Giusseppe Conte at the helm of this populist coalition which I am sure it will challenge Brussels on Italy’s over two trillion Euro debt…

BREXIT now sends some strong messages to all directions….

The North Koreans better meet president Trump or else…

More news during the week with pre-Posidonia events already on!

On another tone and note in the UK the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle is the talk all over Planet Ocean! Congratulations for its many unique gestures the wedding will bring over £ 1 billion to the British economy in the years to come… Good to read that instead of gifts to the newly married couple, money and whatever, to go to all those in need, charities in particular! It was the day the world come to Windsor!

In Greece, down at the Park of Naval History and Heritage in Paleon Faliron – the famous sea-side suburb of Athens in the Athenian Riviera the 45th Anniversary of the Hellenic Navy’s revolt against the Junta of the Colonels  took place on board the War-ship “Averoff” in the presence of the President of the Geek Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, the Minister of National Defence Panos Kamenos, the Head of the Greek Armed Forces Admiral Vangelis Apostolakis, the Mayor of Pal. Faliron Radm Dionissis Chatzidakis and over 200 guests honouring the late Admrial Nikos Pappas, the commanding officer of the destroyer  “Velos” for his exceptional act of bravery in the name of Democracy!

That’s all for tonight, have a nice evening and for those celebrating Saint Constantine’s and Helen’s Day, their Nameday: Many Happy Returns. Also to the City of Cities Constantinople! Be on alert from actions by Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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