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Class in the glass business: Gavridis Glass serves shipping and much more

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Glass being loaded on a roro-ferry

Gavridis Glass has a history of 70 years within the glass industry. Starting from a small business run by just one individual – George Gavridis – it has now become a third generation family business run by his sons and grandchildren on its own premises of 2,000 sq m. 

Mr Gavridis began by marshalling his own resources, using improvised tools to process the glass. At that stage, he was involved in the construction industry which was flourishing at the time. With his persistence and hard work, he managed to build a strong professional network and attract high profile clients, which led him to open his horizons into other industries.

At the same time his two sons Christos and Panagiotis started engaging with the business. They added their technical knowledge and their fresh ideas to their father’s long experience and this was their recipe for success. They decided to confront any risks and invest in the latest technological equipment and highly skilled professionals to expand in other industries. This proved a great success, as they became and still are among the most preferred companies with regard to specialist refrigerators and architectural installations such as glass floors, balconies, and custom-made constructions.

However, as they never let their minds to rest, they are continuously looking for new opportunities. Being aware of Greece’s pivotal role in international shipping, they decided to get involved in the industry – a step that they took in 2013. For five fruitful years, they have collaborated with high-profile international shipyards for various projects, contributing to the country’s efforts in underpinning the global trade map. They are mainly focusing on architectural constructions and the decoration of cruiseships, yachts, and ferries. Specifically, they contribute custom-made constructions to meet each client’s requirements, such as interior glass staircases, balconies, doors, dividers and shower cabins. Additionally, the design team can implement any design ideas the client has, such as mirrors, coloured mirrors and glass furniture, which add a simplistic yet sophisticated and elegant tone in any space.

A glass table

Recently, the third generation of Gavridis family has joined the company. Their vision is to continue the successful course of their forebears, as well as working on devising new applications in glass. Their creativity and their dreams underline the continuous success of Gavridis Glass.

Many of you are sure you to meet  members of the Gavridis Glass team at the Posidonia exhibition and receptions, a good chance to learn more about glass class!

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