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Byron Vassiliades live on Antipollution’s growth and success

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Byron Vassiliades – picture credits: Anny Zade

Following last year’s interview with Antipollution’s head Byron Vassilades and given whatever has happened ever since in the field of maritime accidents and the environmental sector mainly in Greece, we are honoured to have him live on the occasion of Posidonia 2018 delivering a message for the environmental sector and his company’s contribution as well as future.

In the live video that follows he responds to just two important questions from Allaboutshipping’s John Faraclas, being brief and to the point:

In case something isn’t eligible we have a small text covering and supporting his live presentation:

ANTIPOLLUTION AAS Byron Vassiliades supportive text 01 June 2018

We look forward to your comments and those who will visit Posidonia 2018 can call on Antipollution’s stand 4.330 and discuss with its personnel issues of mutual interest.

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