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Travis Monson Becomes CEO at Callisto Agency Systems Co

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Trevis Monson

Shipping agency software supplier Callisto Agency Systems Co has appointed a new CEO to take its A3 product, which is designed to reduce the administrative workload and improve efficiencies for ship agencies, to the next level.

​After 15 years with Monson Agencies Australia, and over 26 years in the shipping agency business, Travis Monson has now taken the helm at Callisto Agency Systems, a London-based company which delivers a cloud-based operating system for shipping agencies in the bulk sector under the A3 brand. A3 reduces ship agents’ administrative burden through automated processes and integration with third party software.
To A3, Travis (pictured above) brings vast experience from transforming an agency business from a small family operation into an international organisation of 20 offices spread across four countries by digitising all operational and accounting systems.

Speaking of his new appointment, Travis stated:

“I’ve dedicated my life to ship agency and I’m excited by the prospect of unburdening ship agents through one of the most innovative pieces of software ever created for the sector. A3 is a ship agency product built by agents for agents, providing a modern platform for agencies of all sizes. It automates processes and allows seamless integration into leading third-party systems. As someone who’s been at the sharp end of the agency business, I all too well understand the extra pressures placed on ship agents by their principals to add value. A3 helps shipping agencies do what they do best: provide a personalised service in getting vessels safely in and out of ports as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.”

The A3 operations system was originally developed by software provider Stage 3 Systems. Callisto Agency Systems Co is a joint venture between Stage 3 Systems and The Marcura Group, a specialist partner to the front line of the shipping industry. Callisto plans to add features and integrations to A3 which will enable agents using A3 to better serve the 350 shipping companies already linked to Marcura’s platforms.

Both Stage 3 Systems and Marcura have a track record of bringing scalable and innovative products to the maritime industry, which, combined with the technical expertise of the A3 technical team, will enable a proven agency software product to add more value to agencies than ever before.

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