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The Seahorse Club 2018 summer party

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View at the balcony’s centre stage…

This year’s Seahorse* Club’s Summer Party ingredient was the jovial mood of all its faithful members and a couple of their friends who managed to make it given the train services all-day-mess – signal failures and the unprecedented for the UK weather data heatwave, which were counterproductive components… Despite these …“parameters”, on all counts, this BBQ gathering was a great success as the 100 or so revellers …err maritime journalists at the top of the Doggets Coat & Badge Pub off the southern side of Blackfriars Bridge made the big difference! 

Still on at 22:00

We were greeted, given our badge and food/drinks vouchers by the ever smiling and present to almost all  these Seahorse Club events, Winnie Sorensen – she gave us yesterday an interesting presentation on “Transforming your meetings”  with the WISTA-UK members.

I don’t have to tell you about the unique views and tranquillity conditions prevailing this time of the day at the balcony/roof top of the Doggetts or about the networking, the food the drinks; all was great!

Inge Mitchell was there and once again, coincidentally, celebrated her birthday! In her ninth decade the formidable Dane still goes strong; always in the news she remains afloat; the AAA woman!

l to r: Transaid’s Jade Ashby, Harry Chambers and Florence Bearman

Old and new faces as always, but this time the new ones exceeded last year’s proving that there is always new blood in the industry, all in a party mood. I** must say it was worth making it there given that I was still accompanied by my stick and not my crutch as a couple of years ago and given the train mess and the heatwave making it difficult  for me to commute, I did had a great time meeting fellow colleagues with whom we have a great cooperation all these years and meeting new ones!

The raffle “rituals” were performed by the always smiling Ian Matheson – the first prize of M&S vouchers was won by Colby Haines of Colby Communications in the US – California and Hawaii!

A Transaid team was there with a very communicative trio  – Florence Bearman – delivered a short speech asking us to support this noble charity cause,  Jade Ashby and  Harry Chambers; they managed to raise a considerable amount for all those in need that they care for! Bravo, excellent!

Evergreen Line’s Jazmin Short and Christina Gkouzou

Seahorse Chairman Peter Owen was as always in a great mood as was Maria Udi also from portcare, Janet Porter, Nicola Good, Namrata Nadkarni- she finally made it and Nick Savvides who doesn’t miss any of the Seahorse Club’s events! Smiling Lisa Davidson from BLUE-comms,  Mike Wackett from MJW Consulting and Sarah Maia from ALE were the new ones I’ve met!

Sue Terpilowski, president of WISTA-UK finally managed to make it – we could hear her earlier on speaking on the … HQS Wellington berthed diagonically opposite us…; her husband Tom Waters tipped us off…

Another view from the east side / at the far end the Square Mile…

NavigatePR had a strong team with Mike Elsom, Nicolle Bloomfield, Seb Button and Bill Spears…

All in all a great evening and pleased I made it even with my stick… and await to see Stephen Spark’s photos! from 2000 onwards I am writing my memoirs, my “Black Sea Manoeuvers”  book and the Seahorse Club has a special reference / mentioning there!

Now, we learned officially over night by a special… communique  that  next event is the Seahorse Journalist Awards and Christmas Party to be held at the Loose Cannon, London on 4 December 2018! Managed  though to have a special picture… View same on my Facebook…  The 2019 Summer Party will be held on 11th July! Enjoy the summer break!

On the left Inge Mitchell with journalist friends

*The Seahorse Club is a lively networking group, which draws together a variety of public relations, marketing, advertising and journalism professionals within the freight, passenger, shipping and logistics sectors.

Whether you represent transport principals or promote an in-house service, the Seahorse Club provides an excellent opportunity to meet others with similar jobs and interests. Regular events are held designed to inform, entertain and create debate, drawing on the experiences of members, special sectoral guests and trade journalists, including a Winters Awards presentation recognising industry journalism talent and the Summer BBQ.

** John Faraclas was there with his cameras

What a stunning view of Father Thames

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