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Trump’s hallmark is insularity, Introduction to Islamic finance podcast

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US president Donald Trump

Commentary: Trump’s hallmark is insularity

By Desmond Lachman in Washington

The hallmark of US economic policy-making in the age of Trump is insularity. This is particularly the case with emerging markets. The international repercussions of the Turkish economic crisis provide ample forewarning. In ignoring the plight of emerging markets, the US is steering a perilous course. Further instances of insularity can be found at the Federal Reserve. After years of flooding emerging markets with easy money, the Fed is now normalising its monetary policy without, it appears, paying due attention to its impact on those markets.

Read the full commentary on the website.

Podcast: Introduction to Islamic finance

Faizal Karbani, founder and chief executive of Simply Ethical, a financial services firm focusing on the provision of sharia-compliant products, speaks to Marcin Stepan from OMFIF. This episode gives an overview of the Islamic finance market, taking into account its growth and development across the globe in recent decades.

The discussion focuses on the principles behind Islamic finance, the key drivers of growth, Islamic banking models, the increased popularity of sukuk and the impact of technological innovation.

Listen to the recording, or search for OMFIF on your smartphone’s podcast app.

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