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Hot Port News from GAC

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Hong Kong

Southeast Coast, Carolinas & Mid-Atlantic States, United States

Wilmington & Morehead City, United States

Marine soil investigation works near Banyan Basin
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Singapore

From 14 September through to 31 December, marine soil investigation works will be carried out near Banyan Basin.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Port Marine Notice No.089 of 2018, the works will be conducted 24 hours daily – including Sundays & Public Holidays – at the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum):
MBH1) 1 deg. 14.603’N / 103 deg. 41.426’E
MBH1A) 1 deg. 14.629’N / 103 deg. 41.448’E
MBH2) 1 deg. 14.654’N / 103 deg. 41.470’E
MBH2A) 1 deg. 14.682’N / 103 deg. 41.499’E
MBH3) 1 deg. 14.711’N / 103 deg. 41.528’E
MBH3A) 1 deg. 14.741’N / 103 deg. 41.555’E
MBH4) 1 deg. 14.771’N / 103 deg. 41.582’E
MBH4A) 1 deg. 14.800’N / 103 deg. 41.611’E
MBH5) 1 deg. 14.828’N / 103 deg. 41.641’E
MBH5A) 1 deg. 14.858’N / 103 deg. 41.668’E
MBH6) 1 deg. 14.889’N / 103 deg. 41.694’E
MBH6A) 1 deg. 14.917’N / 103 deg. 41.724’E
MBH7) 1 deg. 14.945’N / 103 deg. 41.753’E
MBH7A) 1 deg. 14.958’N / 103 deg. 41.767’E
MBH8) 1 deg. 15.006’N / 103 deg. 41.807’E
MBH8A) 1 deg. 15.034’N / 103 deg. 41.836’E
MBH9) 1 deg. 14.047’N / 103 deg. 41.845’E
MBH1) 1 deg. 14.603’N / 103 deg. 41.426’E

A jack-up barge assisted by tug boats will be used to carry out the soil investigation work. The safety zone is a circular area of 30m radius centered at the jack-up barge.

Safety boats will be deployed to warn other craft in the vicinity of the working area.

Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and international day and night signals.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:
a) Keep well clear and not to enter the working area;
b) Maintain a proper lookout;
c) Proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution;
d) Maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 68 (West Control); and
e) Communicate with West Control on VHF Channel 68 for assistance, if required.

For information about operations in Singapore, contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com

Tropical Storm Barijat
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Hong Kong

At 12.00 hours Hong Kong time today (12 September), Tropical Storm Barijat was located at 20.9 deg. N/ 114.8 deg. E, about 170km south-southeast of Hong Kong, and with sustained maximum winds near the centre of 65 km/h.

The storm is forecast to move across the northern part of the South China Sea in the general direction of the coast of western Guangdong today and tomorrow.

For more details and information about operations in Hong Kong, contact GAC Hong Kong at shipping.hongkong@gac.com

Florence expected to bring life-threatening storm surges & rainfall
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Southeast Coast, Carolinas & Mid-Atlantic States, United States

At 800am EDT (1200 UTC), the eye of Hurricane Florence was located near latitude 29.4 North, longitude 70.7 West. Florence is moving toward the west-northwest near 17 mph (28 km/h), and this motion is expected to continue this morning. A motion toward the northwest is forecast to begin by this afternoon and continue through Thursday.

Florence is expected to slow down considerably by late Thursday into Friday, and move slowly through early Saturday. On the forecast track, the center of Florence will move over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas today, and approach the coast of North Carolina or South Carolina in the hurricane warning area on Thursday and Friday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 130 mph (215 km/h) with higher gusts. Florence is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Strengthening is forecast through tonight.

While some weakening is expected on Thursday, Florence is forecast to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane when it nears the U.S. coast… …Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 70 miles (110 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 175 miles (280 km)…

STORM SURGE: The combination of a dangerous storm surge and the tide will cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising waters moving inland from the shoreline. The water has the potential to reach the following heights above ground if peak surge occurs at the time of high tide:
– Cape Fear to Cape Lookout, including the Neuse, Pamlico, Pungo, and Bay Rivers: 9-13ft
– North Myrtle Beach to Cape Fear: 6-9ft
– Cape Lookout to Ocracoke Inlet: 6-9ft
– South Santee River to North Myrtle Beach: 4-6ft
– Ocracoke Inlet to North Carolina/Virginia Border: 4-6ft
– Edisto Beach to South Santee River: 2-4ft
The deepest water will occur along the immediate coast in areas of onshore winds, where the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves. Surge-related flooding depends on the relative timing of the surge and the tidal cycle, and can vary greatly over short distances…

RAINFALL: Florence is expected to produce heavy and excessive rainfall in the following areas:
– Coastal North Carolina: 20-30 inches, isolated 40 inches
– South Carolina, western & northern North Carolina: 5-10 inches, isolated 20 inches
– Elsewhere in the Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic states: 3-6 inches, isolated 12 inches
This rainfall would produce catastrophic flash flooding and significant river flooding.

WIND: Hurricane conditions are expected to reach the coast within the hurricane warning area on Friday. Winds are expected to first reach tropical storm strength on Thursday, making outside preparations difficult or dangerous. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

SURF: Swells generated by Florence are affecting Bermuda and portions of the U.S. East Coast. These swells are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions…

(For information about operations in the United States contact GAC North America at usa@gac.com)

Source: National Hurricane Center, Miami FL, Hurricane Florence Intermediate Advisory No.52A issued at 800am EDT on Wed September 12, 2018

Ports closed ahead of Florence
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Wilmington & Morehead City, United States

The Captain of the Port Sector North Carolina has set Port Condition Zulu for the Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City in preparation for the anticipated heavy weather impact of Hurricane Florence. Gale Force winds (34 knots or 39 mph) are expected to reach Frying Pan Shoals Lighted Buoy (LLNR 815) within 12 hours.

The ports of Wilmington and Morehead City are CLOSED to ALL INBOUND & OUTBOUND traffic. No vessel may enter, depart, or transit without permission of the Captain of the Port.

All cargo and bunker handling operations must cease at this time.
All commercial vessels and barges who have received permission from the Captain of the Port to remain in port must be at their mooring site in accordance with their plan.
Vessels bound for these ports are advised to seek an alternate destination.
Mariners are also advised that drawbridges will remain closed when wind speeds are 34 knots or greater or once evacuations begin. Because of the uncertainty of weather movements and related bridge closures, mariners are urged to seek passage through drawbridges well in advance of the arrival of gale force winds.

(For information about operations in the United States, contact GAC North America at usa@gac.com)

Source: U.S. Coast Guard, Sector North Carolina, Marine Safety Information Bulletin 014-18 issued on 12 September 2018

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