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Chios: Navigator takes us back to our maritime roots!

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Danae Bezantakos at the podium introducing the event and welcoming speakers and delegates

The kick start of Navigator Forum’s First ever Shipping Decision Makers weekend is now a reality!

Our Chian contributor Galatia Paradisis was there with her camera covering this more than timely event at a full house amphitheatre downtown Chios’ University of the Aegean!

A great welcome by Danae Bezantakos, Navigator Shipping Consultants CEO, in her always vibrant and full of pathos and to the point words marking this unique event at the very place where Greece’s and International Shipping’s heart and soul and above all successful tradition functions for many millennia! Chios perfectly illustrates the much acclaimed Greek maritime roots, our roots in shipping!

George D. Pateras

Chios still enjoys having today the most powerful shipping entities on a worldwide basis – Chian Companies listed or unlisted are amongst the world’s best in international exchanges. Many shipping associations today are headed by Chians – the UGS and the GSCC and the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping to name but a few! Many Chians, men and women lecture in Chian, Greek and international academia and Ulysses didn’t come by chance in Homes’ mind and spirit… AND (with upper case letters) Chian women are the buzz word in the entire maritime world – read Nikos Peris’ book “The Chian woman” and you will get the message… For all the above and many more we give Danae Bezantakos all the credits, her family and colleagues teams for this event!

She was followed by her father Captain Dimitris Bezantakos, a veteran in the shipping industry, from ships to shore!

Then come to the podium another heavy weight, Dr. George D. Pateras MD of Aegeus Maritime and Chairman of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping!    As always with a message simple and to the point!

Elena Athoussakis and the panel she moderated

The first panel dealt with the “Future of Shipping and its role vis-a-vis Technology, Environmental developments and changes in human resources” excellently moderated by Helena Athoussakis from PwC where she’s heading the Maritime sustainability centre. Panellists/Speakers included Kostis Achladitis, Katerina Skourtanioti, Roberto Coustas, George Skrimizeas and Dr. Anna Maria Kotrikia… many interesting exchanges!

The second panel after the coffee break was also challenging and if I may say adventurous given its theme in an era of certain uncertainty; “Past, Present and Future…!” We were advised of excellent points and deliveries. The panel was moderated by Captain George Tsouris, president of the Chios Marine Club and Operations manager at Blue Planet shipping. A very powerful panel with powerful and internationally acclaimed speakers –  some being Greece’s shipping cluster’s top calibre ones… The charismatic George Xiradakis, a deck officer in his past life(!), the MD and founder nowadays of XRTC Business Consultants and president of the Propeller Club International Port of Piraeus, George A. Tsavliris – needs no introduction given that he holds a world record as a speaker to many events all over Planet Ocean.

Captain George Tsouris introducing his panel of speakers – panel B

An expert in his field and London Scholar Theofilos (Theo) Xenakoudis a well respective international shipping executive who, as many say is the heart and soul of the Marshall Islands Registry, was there as was another supremo in the field, the always up and coming George Sp. Alexandratos of Appolonia Lines and vice president of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping! Angie Hartmann – she doesn’t miss an event of such magnitude representing Starbulk S.A.’s operations and above all the WISTA-Hellas being also its president! A successful forum always include the top echelon of Greece’s Academia and Promoter Professor Dino Arcoumanis, mostly known in the heart of the Square Mile over here in London, this time wearing his hat – that of the chairman of the Academic Board of the Metropolitan College. The panel was also complemented by Chiot George Georgoulis, a master mariner from the University of the Aegean – laboratory and teaching stuff, Dept. of Shipping, Trade and Transport.

Will revert with a full account including that of the third panel on the “New Challenges in Shipping and the Role of Education” an issue which we are always pressing for and in particular that of the immediate need of a training ship and will include in detail the deliberations and all exchanges after the end of this forum…

Captain (HCG) Irene Argiri, Captain George Tsouris, Galatia Paradisis and Commander (HCG) Pantelis Vatoussis head of the Innousses Merchant Navy’s deck Officers Academy at the coffee break

It is a great pleasure to see so many sponsors; from the Platinum one being MacGregor, the Gold ones: Palau Int Ship Registry and the Metropolitan College; the three silver ones:  The Marshall Islands, Supereco times two; the 13 Bronze ones (Thirteen for luck as they say following Agatha Christie’s novel…). Well done for all the supportive ones from all sides of the maritime equation! Add those emanating under the Auspices of the many Governmental, Associations, Organisations, Clubs and Universities and see what you get. The Local Chian, Greek and International Media like never ever before participated and last but not least KEFI S.A! Chistina D. Bezantakou doing more than well; and Olga D. Bezantakou too! Credits also for the University of the Aegean in Chios…

We are more than pleased and honoured to have many of the above in a multiple of ways on board the www.allaboutshipping.co.uk platform and also being involved in the Newsletter and Programme designed by www.nikolasfaraklas.com

Danae Bezantakou with Galatia Paradisis

We wish all a nice evening at Langadas’ Passas Taverna and we are more than sure that all will taste the goodies of the Chian Cuisine and music…  AND wine too. Never forget Homer’s passage on the excellent Chian Wines (Αμείνων Οίνος της Χιου= o  απεγαδιαστος).  Tomorrow it’s another Day: the Mastic Extravaganza! Something unique all over the world for its multiple of uses; medical, entertaining you name it!

A view of the packed  amphitheatre

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