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3rd Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair

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3rd Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair   22-25/11/ 2018

We are ready to announce the 3rd edition  of Art Thessaloniki Fair at TIF-HELEXPO (pavilions 10, 9 & 8)  about 6000sq.m, starting on Thursday 22 – 25 November 2018.

Art Thessaloniki invests in the strategically important geographic location of Thessaloniki-portrayed as one of the safest cities in the world, its multicultural identity, its long history.

In the 3rd edition we will welcome 30 galleries from 10 countries featuring 450 Greek and International artists, additionally the international renowned sculptor Takis is the Fair’s honored artist. This initiative wouldn’t be at all possible, should the expertise and help of Takis-KETE (Research Center for the Art and the Sciences) foundation wasn’t provided.


In an extensive parallel program with 20 projects, there will also be held an exhibition of famous Greek-American artists, collection Zacharias Portalakis. Exhibition of artworks of the American artist Sol LeWitt collection Efi Piplikatsi-Andreadou and exhibition of Emerging Artists, curated by Miquel Fernadez.

The Honorary Organizing Committee comprising from important personalities will contribute to the reinforcement and projection of the Art Thessaloniki Fair.

There will also be numerous thematic sections regarding Design and Virtual reality, among other events, projects and speeches. On the opening day the internationally renowned tenor, Phillipos Modinos will honor us with a performance.

Last but not least, there will be a special tribute to the historical art magazine ARTI (Antonis Bouloutzas) consisting of an Honorary Wall with an installation – egg by 42 artists, along with many other exhibiting collaborations between the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and other cultural institutions.

Useful information:

Thursday 22nd November / 16:00-19:00 VIP invitation.

Opening hours for the public

Thursday 22nd November / 19:00-22:00

Friday 23th November  / 09:30-21:00

Saturday & Sunday 24th-25th November / 11:00-21:00

Visit our website –www.art-thessaloniki.gr for videos and more information on Art Thessaloniki’s initiatives.

Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair  2018
www.art-thessaloniki.gr  |  info@art-thessaloniki.gr


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