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Two 24 m Explorer Type Motor Yachts delivered to owners

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Recently the two Danish Owners Lars and Per Thrane have taken delivery of these two remarkable yachts designed by KNUD E. HANSEN and build by Holland Jachtbouw Zaandam, Netherlands.

The yachts have been transferred to Denmark and are safely moored in a marina north of Copenhagen. The yachts are mainly going to operate in the Baltics, Denmark and Norway and will serve as private yachts for the Owners.

The two yachts have been 4 years in the making and are equipped with the newest technology the super yacht industry can offer. The hybrid propulsion system consists of diesel generators with batteries as an auxiliary power source. The batteries also enable the yachts to slip quietly into pristine places, and maneuver and anchor without any harmful emissions or engine noise. As an additional feature, in order to save fuel when cruising at lower speeds, the hybrid system supports operating on only one main engine running both propellers.

These two yachts may look different by appearance, but are in-fact based on the same design, with both exterior and interior customized according to the Owner’s preferences. The yachts are designed to be operated by only two persons in keeping with current trends towards shorthanded operation. This consideration is also reflected in the luxurious accommodation for up to 10 persons.

Length o.a.: 26.05 m
Length p.p.: 23.20 m
Breadth moulded: 6.50 m
Depth to Main Deck: 3.50 m
Draught (design): 1.75 m
Scantling draft: 2.00 m

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