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Vassiliki Sarvanaki, creator of the platform Hermata London, profoundly believes that earrings are not just a jewel, but a whole lot more than that!

Earrings are a connotation of who a woman is, they represent her personality, describe her mentality and attitude towards life, outline her current mood, they profile the social occasion that she is attending right now and, in reality, they give elements of her inner world!


Hermata London has as a vision to become the ultimate online destination with original, unique and hand-made earrings by distinguished designers and artisans from all over the world that will represent your style, your aesthetic, your taste! Her platform promotes the creations of earrings designers from Greece, London, Argentina, Lebanon and South Africa.

Moreover under the framework of the social corporate responsibility Hermata London makes an effort to benefit society, by donating money to charitable causes, by giving back to those in need. Hermata London will cooperate with Action Against Hunger in order to support its important mission: to lead the global fight against hunger.
Hermata’s website: https://hermata.london/content/4-about

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