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Chelsea Technologies announces “significant” wash water monitor order from Fuji Electric

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Chelsea Technologies’ Wash Water Monitor

Order from Japanese scrubber manufacturer reflects moves by Asian shipowners to align with an industry-wide uptake of scrubber technology 

15 OCTOBER 2018 – Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG), a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for the maritime sector, has today announced an order from Fuji Electric Company Limited for its Sea Sentry wash water monitoring system for ship exhaust gas cleaning systems. The order, for 26 units to be installed on 13 vessels, comes during a period of industry-wide acceleration in the global scrubber market.

CTG’s Sea Sentry provides a fully autonomous wash water monitoring system, which monitors both the water inlet and outlet of wet exhaust gas scrubber systems. The system has the ability to accurately measure the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, absorbance, turbidity (to ISO 7027:1999), temperature and pH of scrubber wash water, and can monitor open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid scrubber systems, setting the gold standard for accurate wash water monitoring.

Dr Brian Phillips, managing director, Chelsea Technologies Group, commented:

“This is a significant order that reflects moves by Asian shipowners to align with an industry-wide uptake of scrubber technology. Scrubbers are increasingly being viewed as an attractive option for many vessels assessing compliance solutions ahead of 2020 given the expected disparity in fuel costs between HFO and compliant fuels. Shipowners who are taking the decision to invest in scrubbers need to plan ahead and ensure that all aspects of scrubber operations are considered ahead of installation, including wash water compliance.

“Crucially for shipowners and operators, CTG’s Sea Sentry system is not a black box that is delivered and forgotten. We see it as implicit to work directly with scrubber manufacturers, shipowners and operators to manage the installation and operation of the system, and our support is constantly at hand to interpret and apply the data that will ultimately prove compliance.”

Not meeting 2020 compliance standards could mean that shipowners and operators are faced with hefty fines, downtime and loss of earnings. Good governance in providing accurate data to demonstrate compliance – while maintaining operational efficiency, profitability, and protecting their reputation within the market – is not only good risk management, but can add to the bottom line in making shipowners and operators more attractive to charterers.

CTG is a leading global provider of highly advanced sensors and systems, and has over 50 years’ experience of developing technologies that perform a crucial role in providing accurate and reliable testing for compliance with environmental regulations. CTG’s Sea Sentry has been certified by DNV GL and ClassNK, providing assurance to shipowners and operators that the system meets the utmost standards in quality, accuracy, and operational efficiency. CTG has taken all available measures to verify that Sea Sentry provides accurate and robust data to demonstrate compliance with IMO Annex VI wash water discharge regulations.

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