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Mark Sobel on China, David Marsh on Germany, and more

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15-19 October 2018 Vol.9 Ed.42


US Treasury gets China largely right
Despite much huffing and puffing about China, the US Treasury’s autumn foreign exchange report is status quo. The substance is unsensational, and little changed from the last report in April.

Once again, there is no ‘manipulation’ finding. The report got the main conclusions largely right, writes Mark Sobel.

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PODCAST Risk management in Islamic finance
Obiyathulla Bacha, professor of finance and head of the graduate studies department at the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance, joins Rein de Loor, programmes manager at OMFIF. They discuss risk management in Islamic finance, the role of sukuk and the benefits of Islamic finance for investors. Listen.
COMMENTARY Global momentum abating
The global economy is slowing, and headwinds are unlikely to disappear soon. But looking across small advanced economies – helpful indicators for the health of the world economy – suggests this is more a moderation in economic momentum than a marked slowdown, writes David Skilling. Read more.
PODCAST Future of the dollar
Mark Sobel, US chairman of OMFIF, is joined by Jeffrey Frankel, James W Harpel professor of capital formation and growth at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. They discuss the dollar’s current status as international reserve currency, its future and the role of the International Monetary Fund. Listen.
COMMENTARY Merkel setback hurts EMU reform chances
The result of Sunday’s Bavarian state elections has badly shaken the unsteady Berlin coalition of Angela Merkel’s CDU and the SPD, toughening the chancellor’s already difficult task of winning consensus for strengthening the structure of European economic and monetary union, writes David Marsh. Read more.
MEETING The role of central banks in green finance
Central banks are becoming increasingly involved in green finance. This panel will gather central banks, regulators and experts from around the world to discuss the role that central banks can play in greening the financial system and prospects for harmonised international approaches. Read more.
COMMENTARY Investment Clock – A pivotal October
Stock market volatility tends to reach its peak in October, underlined by famous crashes in 1929, 1987 and 2008. Cross-currents in the world economy make this October particularly pivotal, especially in the light of the tug of war between good US news and bad Chinese news, writes Trevor Greetham. Read more.
THE BULLETIN All eyes on Asia
This month’s Bulletin highlights the diverse prospects facing Asian economies. Contributors assess policy initiatives such as financial instruments to help emerging markets adapt to climate change; developing investment data linked to ESG factors in China; and innovative funding for infrastructure in the Philippines. Read more
MEETING Conduct of monetary policy in Canada
A roundtable discussion with Lawrence Schembri, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada since 2013. Schembri will discuss Canadian monetary policy, economic developments in the country and its outlook as presented in the Bank’s quarterly Monetary Policy Report. Read more.
COMMENTARY Hedging inflation with gold
Gold has fallen out of favour in financial markets, hitting a 19-month low in August. However, it is seen as a good hedge against rising inflation. While the Fed reduces its balance sheet, gold could be particularly attractive as a safe haven against equity market crashes, writes Aimee Bowkett. Read more.



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