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Use of remote inspection techniques for surveys
Thursday, October 25, 2018, Singapore

The usage of remote inspection techniques can be accepted for the conduct of surveys on board Singapore Registered Ships. When permitted, remote inspection technique may be used to facilitate the required external and internal examinations. The methods applied for remote inspection technique are to provide the survey results normally obtained for/by the Surveyor.

The remote inspection techniques may comprise of the following:
– Unmanned Robotic Arm
– Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)
– Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
– Other means acceptable to the Administration.

For periodical surveys using UAS, if the UAS is not operated by the RO itself, the company engaged to operate the UAS for the inspection is to be approved by the RO for carrying out such services in accordance to the RO’s criteria for approving service providers. Inspections should be carried out in the presence of the Surveyor.

An inspection plan for the use of remote inspection technique(s), including any confirmatory survey/close-up survey/thickness measurements, is to be submitted to the RO for review and acceptance in advance of the survey. The proposal for usage of UAS in periodical surveys is to be submitted by the RO to the Administration for acceptance.

The results of the surveys by remote inspection techniques when being used towards the crediting of surveys are to be acceptable to the attending Surveyor. Confirmatory surveys/close-up surveys may be carried out by the Surveyor at selected locations to verify the results of the remote inspection technique, if required.

The acceptance of remote inspection techniques does not waive the requirement for thickness gauging where applicable. Thickness gauging by remote inspection techniques can be accepted subject to the same criteria of approval as applied to other Non-Destructive Test (NDT) techniques by the RO. Confirmatory thickness measurements on-site may be requested by the attending Surveyor, if required…

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Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Shipping Circular No.13 of 2018

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