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DNV GL’s Maritime Academy – Creating Perspectives

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Dr Marina Papaioannou –  Maritime Academy Hellas

DNV GL’s Maritime Academy – Creating Perspectives

by Dr Marina Papaioannou, Maritime Academy Hellas

Training of people on board and ashore has always been a great concern of the maritime industry, in an effort to achieve the goal of ships sailing in a Safe, Secure, Environmentally Friendly and Efficient way.

DNV GL’s Maritime Academy goes beyond that.  We strongly believe that investment in training allows companies to take control of their future.

Competence is built on knowledge, and this leads to greater personal and corporate success.

With our training courses and the know-how we provide, we intend to

  • enable our partners in training to manage their business in the best possible way
  • empower them to move forward and
  • put them in a position where they can act instead of just react

Our Academy’s goal is to help the industry effectively improve business performance, share some of the expertise available in DNV GL, and find the best solutions for daily business to become safer, smarter and greener.

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